The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

The characters in this story just keep getting better and better. Hannah and Jack have their quirks which make the readers laugh, but the other characters really make the story laughable and draw the reader in. Life is not going well for Hannah Brooks, her mother died and her boyfriend and co-worker dumped her the night after her mother’s funeral. Hannah finds out that just days after Robby dumps her he starts sleeping with her best friend, Taylor, while they are on an assignment in Madrid. Hannah is an executive protective agent whose boss, Glenn, is opening an office in London and her top competition is her now ex-boyfriend. Glenn assigns Hannah to be Jack Stapleton’s primary protection agent, which gets off to a bad start when Jack doesn’t want a bodyguard and then when he agrees he tells his family Hannah is his girlfriend. Connie, Jack’s mom, recovering from surgery insists that Jack and his girlfriend spend the next 4 weeks leading up to Thanksgiving at the family ranch. Of course family drama and romantic drama follows and possibly the funniest character of all is the corgi breeder stalker that is making custom sweaters with Jack’s face on them. This was such a great book and the ending twist was total worth the last few chapters.

Character List/Book Summary:

Hannah Brooks – executive protection agent, mother just died. Has always been running away from Texas and has not let her heart really experience love. Afraid of cows. Dumped by Robby the day after her mother’s funeral and realizes when he wants her back she never let him in because he wasn’t worthy.

Jack Stapleton – actor, who moved to North Dakota 2 years ago and has not been seen since. Thinks Hannah is the maid when he first meets her, afraid of bridges and drowning. Has nightmares and when he has one when he and Hannah are together she helps him out of it and tries to help him overcome the nightmare. In a fight with Hank on Hannah’s last dinner with the family spills a huge family secret.

Glenn – Hannah’s boss, sick sense of punishment (ex. Taylor has to guard Hannah when her life is threatened).

Robby – Hannah was dating him before he went on the Madrid assignment. Dumps her saying she is a bad kisser and never let him in and did not really love him. When he sees Jack and Hannah pretending to be a couple he wants Hannah back and acts like he was wronged by Hannah even though he dumped her. Jack keeps calling him Bobby.

Taylor – Hannah’s best friend before Madrid, starts sleeping with Robby during Madrid and tells Hannah that they were never best friends and Robby isn’t going to dump her. When Robby does dump her she does not have Hannah to help her through.

Kennedy Monroe – actress who is supposed to be dating Jack according to the tabloids. Shows up at Jack’s house and proposes to him.

Hank – Jack’s older brother who lives at the family ranch. Blames Jack for the death of their younger brother. Tries to hate Hannah but they get along the few weeks she is living at the house.

Drew – Jack’s younger brother who died in a car accident 2 years ago. The details were hidden from the press and Glenn’s team has trouble finding information out about the accident.

Connie – Jack’s mom who has surgery for cancer. While recovering and waiting to start radiation she asks Jack and Hannah to move in for a few weeks and then Jack wont have to stay while she goes through radiation. Insists that Hank move into the family house too, so that hopefully the brothers can work out their differences. Gets excited and thinks Jack proposed when Hannah tells her and Doc that she has something to tell them. When she finds out Hannah is a bodyguard she tells Jack to propose because that will fix things and they are meant to be together.

William “Doc” – Jack’s dad, retired veterinarian. Started a horse rescue on their ranch. Thought he would teach Hannah how to shoot. Makes moonshine

Corgi Stalker – a fairly harmless stalker of Jack’s who knits sweaters with Jack’s face on them, TPs his house, and sends nudes photos.


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