The Ex Hex

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

This came out around Halloween 2021, however the review is held until 2022 in an effort to make the timing appropriate. If Hallmark were to make a Halloween Rom-Com this would the book to make into their seasonal movie. Vivienne, a witch, is heartbroken and breaks her Aunt Elaine’s cardinal rule “Never mix vodka and witchcraft.” Jump a few years in the future and her ex, a warlock from a powerful line, come back into town and magic chaos ensues. With help of Vivienne’s cousin, Gwyn, and Aunt Elaine the ladies manage to figure out what is going on and what needs to be done to fix things. Being a Rom-Com Vivienne and Rhys realize they still have feelings for each other, and the joy of reading the book is the chaos around them. As this is a fall theme book the review was delayed until the time of year to make anyone who wants to read this book fit the season.

Character List/Book Summary:

Vivienne Jones = her mom was a witch, but disapproved of magic, and died when Vivienne was young. Lived with Aunt Elaine and learned magic from her. A history professor at Penhaven College, the local college. Heartbroken after Rhys said he was engaged and went back home to England. In her drunken state she did a silly curse that ends up being the reason for chaos when Rhys comes back to town a few years later.

Rhys Penhallow = dated Vivi for 3 months several years ago. Owns and runs a travel company “Penhallow Tours” that seem to have great luck with having no bad luck. Is sent back to the town Vivi lives in to recharge the magical lines.

Aunt Elaine = Vivi’s aunt, who runs a shop in town “Something Wicked” which has a true magical area in the back for the real witches in town. Helps undo the curse and fix the magic that is going awry.

Gwyn = Vivi’s cousin, helped her get over Rhys with vodka and a silly curse. Wants Vivi to work at the family store and handle the online component that is starting to real take off.

Llewellyo = Rhys’s older brother, run the pub in their home town. Rhys tells him about what is going on and asks for help, he ends up telling their father about Rhys having trouble with magic.

Simon Penhallow = Rhys’s father, disappointed in his son not marrying a witch from a strong line (or not marrying anyone) and not following orders as easily as his brothers.

Dr. Artouthnot = Head of Witchery at Penhaven College. Instructs Vivi and Rhys to figure out what is causing magic to go haywire and fix it.

Piper McBride = had been a student of witchery, died trying to talk to the other side. Tells Vivi and Rhys that Penhallow had been cursed for taking something, but did not tell them what was taken or from who.


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