A Letter to Three Witches

A Letter to Three Witches by Elizabeth Bass

My Book View delayed the posting of this review until October, as the events in this book happen the week leading up to Halloween and it would be an excellent book to read in October.

This book is described as a romantic comedy, however it reads more like three cousins who are on a warp speed journey of self discovery. Some of the romantic parts seem forced, like Jeremy’s connection to Gwen, others seem natural, like Gwen’s realizations about Daniel. Gwen grew up with a “sister” who her parents took in and raised, but Tannith was not happy and her bitterness exists even up to her 30th birthday.  Tannith in an effort to stir up trouble sends a letter to Gwen and her two cousins, Trudy and Milo, saying that by the end of the week she will bewitch one of their partners and he will leave with Tannith to go to NYC. The romantic comedy really turns into a discovery of Gwen, Trudy, and Milo figuring out their true witch abilities and analyzing their relationships. This is such a fun read, that it was read in one day because it really was hard to put down.

Character List/Book Summary:

Gwen Engel – owns Abracadabra Odd Job Service, has been living with Daniel for three months. Is a witch, but her family has been forbidden to practice thanks to a mistake her relative made. Upon receiving Tannith’s letter she starts to realize her magical powers and what risks her Aunt Esme has taken to try and fix the family legacy.

Trudy – Gwen’s cousin, married to Laird, is a teacher and has a side business of making cupcakes for the business Gwen’s parents run. When Gwen goes to check on Trudy she notices that Trudy has a second rabbit and new furniture that is her. Gwen also realizes that Trudy’s mood can charm her cupcakes and put others into that same mood. Trudy accidentally turned her husband into a rabbit and is trying to distract Laird’s intern about where he really is.

Milo – Gwen’s cousin, living with Brett, owns his own landscaping company. Gwen tries to relax Milo that since Brett is gay Tannith would not put a spell on him and that is when she finds out the little magical spells that Milo has been casting his entire life.

Tannith – Gwen’s adopted sister, her power of interference is sometimes lacking, Daniel described her as someone who cannot stand not being the center of attention. Bitter and resentful of being placed with Gwen’s family. Gwen realizes that Tannith is a watcher who has been watching her family since she was placed with them. Tannith wants to turn in Odin because it would make her go down in history.

Griz – a cat, and a familiar, Tannith has Griz and uses him to spy on Trudy while there he realizes that Tannith doesn’t care about him and he becomes Gwen’s familiar.

Daniel – is in Vermont when Gwen gets her letter, Tannith told him about moving to NYC before she told others. He is worried about Gwen and hints he has something big that will impact his future and hers. Trudy thinks he will propose (he doesn’t)

Laird – Gwen’s husband, on sabbatical doing research, is not returning Jeremy’s calls or texts. Previously cheated on Trudy at least once.

Brett Blair – Milo’s boyfriend, running for Mayor, one a business trip in NYC when Milo gets his letter. Milo snoops and realizes that Brett bought jewelry while in NYC and thinks he is cheating on Milo.

Jeremy – Laird’s intern, has a crush on Gwen. Suspects that Trudy killed Laird because he wont respond to calls and Trudy doesn’t know where Laird is. Gwen suspects he is a watcher that is seeing if the family is practicing magic.

Esme – Gwen’s aunt, who was cursed to a life without joy after she was caught practicing magic. Gwen goes to her for help when she suspects Trudy is practicing magic. Can hear Gwen’s thoughts. Tells Gwen stories about Odin and her when they were younger and how talented they were. Esme leaves Gwen her car and house when she tries to change the edict preventing her family from practicing magic.

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