Devouring Darkness

Devouring Darkness by Chloe Neill

One of my favorite series to read has been Chicagoland Heirs, and I hope it gets a full 12 books (or however many the author has in her head) like the Chicagoland Series did. This review is being released immediately, instead of going into the appropriate calendar slot, because the publisher only ordered 4 books of this series and more would depend on sales and such. The quality of writing is not an issue and the characters are just hitting some major developments with vast possibilities of where it will take each characters and what it means for the vampire, shifter, and other supernaturals of Chicago. The Epilogue leaves room for hope that the series will continue, here is to hoping.

Elisa Sullivan (vampire), Connor Keene (shifter), Lulu Bell (magician), and crew are fighting a demon to bring their parents back from another realm, save Chicago from turning against itself in chaos, all while fighting a potential challenge to the Apex of the pack when he disappeared along with the Cadogan House. Elisa and Theo (human) are partners working for the Supernatural Ombudsman Office of Chicago and asked to bring Rose, and informant, in after she was attacked. On the ride back to Chicago ghosts and dog ghosts attack Elisa, Theo, and Rose. After learning more facts, Connor starts to suspect that Rose is really the demon and the wards that triggered the ghosts were after her and Elisa and Theo who suffered some physical injuries were casualties. This does not sit well with the Prince of the shifter pack and when Elisa gets help from her parents, the Cadogan house, Aunt Mallory, Uncle Malik, and the head of the pack what they might know about the year after the great fire the demon attacks and forces them to another realm. Left without adult supervision or guidance, Connor faces a challenge for the position of Apex of the pack, Elisa is given a warning by the fairies, and Lulu confesses that she can do magic but only blood magic. Of course the House is brought back, families are reunited, and advances to the future are hinted at.

Waiting a year for the next installment, may turn me into a demon of chaos or turn me into a mind reading witch in an attempt to figure out what the author has in store for this amazing world and characters.

Character List/Book Summary:

Elisa Sullivan – member of Chicago’s Ombudsman, suspects that Connor is right and Rose is a demon but struggles to tell her boss that until the second attack when she knows it is true. The monster inside of her craves her mother’s sword and when the Cadogan House disappears he feels lost/sad. The connection between the Monster and the Sword almost pulls Elisa into the House as it is disappearing if it were not for Alexei and Connor both holding her back. Realizes she loves Connor, but struggles with him being mortal and her being immortal. Can feel her parents, almost hear them in the other realm but it is faint.

Connor Keene – Prince of the pack when his father crowned him that as a child, Elisa’s boyfriend, and allows his kitchen to be used as a workroom for Lulu, Alexi, and Elisa while they research a spell to bind a demon (because he feels safer with Elisa inside his house).  His parents were in the Cadogan House when it disappeared and was challenged for the role of Apex by interlopers from Memphis. Connor worries about the pack and for the pack as he sees it being pulled apart by lies and fear of the unknown. After consulting with his uncles and letting his guard down with Elisa he realizes what he must do. Connor declares his love for Elisa in the most appropriate way at the end of the book and it is returned by Elisa in the best way possible.

Lulu Bell – Elisa’s best friend, artist, has a crush on Alexei but will not admit or acknowledge it. Offered a mural by the owner of a new gallery and is excited to start working on something that is her and different from everything she has done too. Challenges the fairies when her parents disappear inside the Cadogan House.

Roger Yuen – Chicago’s supernatural Ombudsman, Elisa’s boss, shocked that his informant is really a demon and feels guilty about it.

Theo – Elisa’s partner, arm is broken by ghosts and he is partially sidelined for some of the fights due to his cast.

Rose Doerman – Roger’s informant, turns out to be the demon Eglantine. A chaos demon that fed of the chaos after the great Chicago fire. Supernaturals in Chicago put up wards in an effort to stop her from ever returning to Chicago.

Petra Jasim – Ombudsman who is good with tech and can control the weather. Helps Lulu, Ariel, and Elisa create a circle to summon the demon and try and seal her.

Ariel Shaw – necromancer, has a crush on Connor, helps the ombudsman office by trying to talk to a spirit that could help the crew understand what the wards do and learn more about the wards.

Patience Minerva Gillicutty – the ghost that Ariel summons from the ooze, she is the chronicler and under a spell to tell only certain information about the wards, why they were created, what they do, and how many there are.

Alexei Breckenridge – shifter, Connor’s best friend, has a crush on Lulu. Was with Connor when he told the pack about his parents disappearing. Follows Lulu when he is worried about her and reports to Elisa that she went to challenge the fairies. Shares some of his secrets and opens up more to Lulu and Elisa.

Daniel Liu – packmate and loyal to Connor, he physically backs up Connor and Elisa when the interlopers from Memphis start trouble.

Cade Drummond – pack member from Memphis, came to tell Gabriel that he doesn’t like the direction of the pack, but does not challenge Gabriel for the position of Apex. Once Gabriel has disappeared he challenges Connor for the Apex of the pack. Once Gabriel has returned the challenge is resolved in the way only shifters can.

Jonathan Black – part elf, wants to talk to Elisa about the demon setting off wards. Elisa doesn’t trust him but also has not reason to not trust him. Connor dislikes how Jonathan looks at Elisa as a prize and not a person, he does not trust that Jonathan did not have something to do with setting off the second ward.

Hugo Homer – owner of the property that the second ward is on, has a stipend to care for the ward weekly and plays video games online as a side gig.

Micah – Malik’s second in command at Washington House. Shows up to offer Elisa support and care for the vampires that were not in Cadogan House when it disappeared with Malik inside. Has faith in Elisa that she will be able to bring the house and everyone inside of it back. Mentions that before Connor was in Elisa’s life Malik wanted him to meet her, but he thinks that Connor is an appropriate match for Elisa.

Claudia – Queen of Chicago’s fairies, let Elisa apologize for Lulu’s anger towards the fairies for the price of a secret. Offers advice to Elisa, free of charge since it would help all for Elisa to know the information, about the demon and getting her family back.

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