The Ghost in the Mirror

The Ghost in the Mirror by John Bellairs and Brad Strickland

Once again the ladies are taking a magical adventure, with Lewis and Jonathan in Europe for the summer, Mrs. Zimmermann thinks she knows how to get her power back and Rosa Rita wants to help.  A trip to visit Mrs. Zimmermann’s cousin ends up being a trip back in time to help the young lady who would become the woman who teaches Mrs. Zimmerman about her powers decades later. While Mrs. Zimmerman recovers from an attack by an evil power Rosa Rita starts to investigate and discovers who is ultimately responsible for the rumors about grandpa Drexel and the treasure that was rumored to be on his land. The book ends with a teaser of the next book, and the adventures that Lewis and Jonathan had while they were in Europe.

Character List/Book Summary:

Rosa Rita Pottinger – 14 years old, broke her ankle and could not go to Europe with Lewis and Jonathan, visits Mrs. Zimmermann frequently during the summer, asks to go on the trip with Mrs. Zimmermann and discovers information about Stoltzfuss that she wants to tell people, but cannot for some reason. Asks grandpa Drexel if he can help Mrs. Zimmermann get her power back, but was told it would take at least 7 years for the spell to work.

Mrs. Florence Zimmermann – 64 years old, kind witch who lost her powers, sees images in the mirror and realizes she is being asked to help a wrong and feels this will help her get her powers back. Looses her memory after an evil force takes control of the mirror. Grandpa Drexel helps her heal and get her memory back.

Granny Wetherbee – Mrs. Zimmermann’s “granny” who helped her realize she had magical powers when she was a teenager. Trying to contact Mrs. Z through her mirror, which is magically charmed.

Herman Weiss – stumbles across Rosa Rita and Mrs. Zimmermann when they get lost in the winter, takes them to his house for the night and ends up letting them stay longer after Mrs. Zimmermann gets hurt

Hilda – Herman’s daughter, she has powers, eventually becomes Granny Weatherbee

Adolphus Stoltzfuss – wants to chase the Weiss family off their farm, is the evil hexer that he accuses Grandpa Drexel to be, feels the treasure that is on the Weiss farm is his

Susanna Weiss – Herman’s wife, talks a lot

Grampa Drexel – people are saying he is a hexer witch, because he had helped people when they were sick using herbs. Warns Rosa Rita about reading magic texts, which helps her figure out how to stop reading the spell when she unknowingly started reading a magic text. Agree to try and help Rosa Rita with her request to try and get Mrs. Zimmermann’s powers back.

Heinrich – Weiss’s youngest son, wants to find the treasure so his family will not have to move, works with Rosa Rita to figure out who hexed his grandpa and find the treasure.


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