Well Met

Well Met by Jen DeLuca

This was read out of order and Well Matched (the latest in the series) was read and reviewed earlier. The origin of why Emily is in town and what happened to April all starts in this book. April is injured in a car accident and her younger sister, Emily, who has just been dumped and kicked out of her apartment comes to take care of April. Part of taking care of April, is taking care of Caitlin, Emily’s niece who is in high school and participating in the Renaissance Faire over the summer. In order for Caitlin to participate and adult must participate too, hence Emily is now participating. The English teacher, Simon Graham, that runs the Faire gets on Emily’s nerve and of course they end up dating. However, in a fight Emily realizes she is still trying to “fix” problems for others and not putting herself first and Simon calls Emily by the name she goes at during the Faire. If you read any of the other books in the series you know what happens, but even if you did not it is a romantic comedy in a book, of course they end up together. The best part is reading how they end up getting their happily ever after.

Character List/Book Summary:

Emily = came to help her sister after a bad car accident. Goes by Emma at the Faire and is bothered that Simon doesn’t smile at her. Starts to really like April’s town and thinks about staying. Gets “married” to Simon’s character on the first day of the faire. Starts working and helping Christine at her bookstore/cafe and really likes it. Considers going back to school while she is helping April.

Simon Graham – gives Emily a hard time when she signs up to help at the Faire, English teacher at Caitlin’s high school. Is a pirate at the Faire and flirts with Emma at the faire. Continues the Faire in honor of his brother who died several years ago. Starts dating Emily and during a fight she accuses him of putting the faire ahead of himself, her, and their relationship.

Caitlin – was in the car accident with her mom, but not injured, needs ride to therapy and to Faire practice which Emily does for her.

April – Emily’s older sister, she is 12 years older and helps Emily fill in the gaps about when she moved back home with Caitlin to rebuild her life after the divorce. Encourages Emily to stay with her and Caitlin while she rebuilds her life.

Stacey – tells Emily she has to participate in the Faire if Caitlin is to participate, because Caitlin is under 16. Goes by Beatrice at the faire and mans the bar with Emily.

Mitch Malone – teaches gym and is a coach at the high school Caitlin goes to, goes by Marcus at the faire and teases Emily in a friendly manner. Encourages Emily to go after Simon after she realizes that she likes Simon.

Christine Donovan – Queen at the Faire, owns the bookstore/cafe in town. Is inspired by Emily’s ideas on what to do with the shop and hires Emily to work at the store, eventually promoting her to manager.


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