The Letter The Witch and The Ring

The Letter, The Witch, and The Ring by John Bellairs

The saga of Lewis and his friends continue, however this time Mrs. Zimmermann and Rosa Rita take center stage. While Lewis is off at Boy Scout Camp Rosa Rita accompanies Mrs. Zimmermann as she settles her cousin’s estate. Rosa Rita realizes that something is off with Mrs. Zimmerman right before she goes missing. Rosa Rita tries save the day by making friends and confronting a mean lady, Gert Bigger, only to end up in a death spell and through luck escapes. These two ladies were a delight to go an adventure with and it seems Rosa Rita might have a sense of magic that is happening around her. Eager to read the next book in this series after finishing this book.

Character List/Book Summary:

Rosa Rita Pottinger – wanted to spend the summer with Lewis and is upset he is going to camp, thinks Oley’s ring could be magic, thinks that Mrs. Zimmermann has a spell on her during their trip after finding the photo of herself in a shop.

Mrs. Florence Zimmermann –  like a second mom to Rosa Rita, invites her to Oley’s farm with her, lost her power but is still a witch, a widow, loves the color purple. Mysteriously vanishes and when she finds Rosa Rita is able to explain what she think happened.

Lewis – going to Boy Scout Camp for the summer.

Jonathan – tells Florence to watch out on her trip, is concerned about Oley’s letter.

Mrs. Louis Pottinger – Rosa Rita’s mom, tries to explain the difference between Lewis and Marie being friends with Rosa Rita, arguing with her husband about Rosa Rita’s trip.

Oley – Florence’s cousin, left her the farm and a what he claims is a magic ring to her.

Gert Bigger – runs the gas station near Oley’s farm, mean, holds a grudge against Mrs. Zimmermann since they were teenagers when a boy picked Florence instead of her. Kidnaps Mrs. Zimmermann and Rosa Rita using Oley’s magic ring. Her last wish goes differently than planned which gives Rosa Rita a chance to escape.

Mordecai Hunks – Gert and Florence fought over him one summer as teens.

Agatha “Aggie” Sipes – Rosa Rita meets her after Mrs. Z disappears, thinks Ms. Bigger is a witch because she reads all the library books on magic. Helps Rosa Rita try and search for Mrs. Z at Gert Bigger’s station, but runs home for help with Rosa Rita is kidnapped.

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