Dating Dr. Dil

Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma

The typical rom-com plot of two people having a meet cute, a huge fight and then try to fight their feelings for each other only to realize that they are soulmates. The plot is not why you read the book, if you watch Hallmark movies you know the plot and the ending. The reason you read the book is you want something fun, light-hearted, happy, and to distract yourself from whatever is happening in the real world. Kareena meets Prem at a bar one night and after a mortifying make out session have an argument on Prem’s TV show. Kareena needs money to buy her parent’s house and Prem needs money to start his community center. Each of them has a source of money that is attached to them being engaged within four months time. What is there to do, but act as a couple. Kareena would like a love marriage and tries to find her person and keeps Prem’s business offer as a back up. Prem believes that love is an illusion and not what makes a marriage last. Of course they both realize that they love the other one, but misunderstandings lead to an almost not happy ending for these two. While Prem claims he makes a grand gesture to show his love, the real grand gesture that Prem does for Kareena is yelling at her sister, father, and grandmother for how they each treat Kareena.

Character List/Book Summary:

Kareena Mann – lawyer, turning 30, upset that her father and grandmother forgot her birthday. Wants to buy the house she was raised in from her father, but he wont let her have the money he has saved for her to buy a house unless she gets engaged by her sister’s engagement party in 4 months.

Dr. Prem Verma – his mother offers to pay him to get married by helping to fund his community center. Left Kareena with her sweater stuck to her earring to answer a phone call. Is surprised to see her the next day as he interviews her sister. In an effort to save his reputation and get funding for his community center he asks Kareena to fake being engaged. As he spends time with her, he realizes he cares about her and wants her in his life.

Dadi – Kareena’s grandmother who is constantly telling Kareena that she is a disappointment because she is not engaged before her younger sister or helping her younger sister as much as she should.

Bindu – Kareena’s younger sister. Is a social media influencer and professor at the nearby college. Thinks Prem and Kareena should get engaged so they each get money from their parents.

Loken – Bindu’s fiance.

Veera – Kareena’s friend and financial advisor. Helps Kareena make an escape with Prem breaks her heart. Makes friends with Prem’s friend Deepak.

Bobbi – Kareena’s friend and party planner who is planning Bindu’s engagement party. Eager to meet Prem’s friend Bunty.

Benjamin “Bunty” Padda – Prem’s childhood friend, has restaurants in California and NJ. Recognizes that Prem has feelings for Kareena and tries to get him to admit it to himself.

Gori – Prem’s fiancé who died 3 years ago, it was an arranged marriage.

Deepak Datta – Prem’s friend since Columbia. Does not talk to Prem about his relationship (or not) with Veera. Realizes that Prem cares for Kareena and tries to get him to admit it.

Rahul – Kareena goes on a date with him and ends up playing Dungeon and Dragons with him and several friends from LA.

Mona Aunty – Kareena’s aunt who is always dressed up

Sonali Aunty – religious aunt

Falguni Aunty – Kareena’s aunt who is always feeding people

Farah Aunty – retried software engineer who is good at stalking people online.

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