Last Summer at the Golden Hotel

Last Summer at the Golden Hotel by Elyssa Friedland

This was such a good summer read that the review of this was delayed until closer to the summer so that hopefully it will be another great summer read. One hotel/resort on its last legs, two families that once were very close, and three generations with different ideas all converge on the place that is a second home to them all to decide what to do next. The family drama of these two legendary families keeps the reader engaged. None of the secrets are so shocking that the reader would think impossible, but shocking enough that the reader may not see it coming. A fun read, enjoyable, and very appropriate for a summer light read (or anytime a reader needs something to smile at when reading).

Character List/Book Summary:

Benny Goldman – married to Louise, died due to complications of a heart transplant, would not let the next generation modernize the Golden, took out a mortgage in 1993 on the hotel without Amos’s signature

Louise Goldman – Aimee’s mom, Benny’s wife, came from Montreal, thinks Amos was stealing from the hotel, into appearances and how things look to others. Did not want Aimee to date a Weingold, and was not thrilled with Roger when Aimee started dating him.

Aimee Goldman-Glasser – learned a secret about her husband, is worried about her three children and what is going on in their lives, decides that the Golden is the place to sort out what she should do with her life.

Roger Glasser – Aimee’s husband, a doctor, allegedly violated federal and state statutes for a pill mill he was running from one of his clinics. Asks Aimee to vote to sell the hotel so that they can use the money to keep him out of jail.

Maddie Goldman Glasser – Aimee’s oldest, almost engaged to Andrew Hoff, wants to go to Florida to be with Andrew instead of going to the Golden. Andrew visits because he never had the stories Maddie had of the Golden on any vacation his family went on.

Scott Goldman Glasser – Aimee’s middle child, in his 2nd year of medical school, Aimee is worried he is not happy and studying too hard.

Zach Goldman Glasser – stoned most days, has a crush on Phoebe Weingold, saw the police raid his home and follows his mother’s wish to not tell his siblings about what happened while she is figuring it out.

Amos Weingold – Fanny’s husband, keeps shooting down ideas to modernize the Golden. Does not have good vision. Is proud of Peter and worried about Brian if the Golden is sold. Worried about his wife after her stroke.

Fanny Weingold – had a stroke and lost feelings in her legs, still enjoys spending time at the Golden. Was never more than socially friendly with Louise.

Brian Weingold – CEO of the Golden, was put in charge, at least in name, by Benny and Amos after a horrible divorce and was sort of lost. Trying to keep the Golden from being destroyed but was not allowed to modernize as he would have liked to and is now having to present an offer the hotel received by a developer.

Peter Weingold – lawyer, has expensive house and does not visit the Golden often. Cannot attend the conference so he sends his kids instead.

Greta Weingold – Peter’s wife.

Phoebe Weingold – a social media influencer, flirts with Zach, wants to save the Golden.

Michael Weingold – goes to Harvard, is not straight, but is keeping that from his grandmother (Fanny) who he does not think would understand. Hooked up with Louise’s hairdresser, but got caught by his grandmother.

Angela Franchetti – Brian’s on-again off-again girlfriend

Howard Williams – president of Diamond Enterprise, made an offer to buy the Golden, originally gave them the summer, changed it to a week when another property also became available.

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