Impossible Imposter

An Impossible Imposter (Veronica Speedwell Mystery) by Deanna Raybourn

The author has created a world that not only leave the reader wanting more, but also makes the readers feel a range of emotions as the characters reveal themselves more and more in each book. In this book Veronica keeps a secret from Stoker, who is not mad about the secret but that Veronica felt she could not come to him for help or to share. Asked by Sir Hugo to help determine if his god-daughter’s long lost older brother is in fact her older brother who is back from the dead. Veronica’s secrets are soon revealed and a precious jewel is stolen. Stoker and Veronica are of course kidnapped and thankfully the ending of the book leads to the next great adventure. The only issue with this book, is that it feels like a giant set up for the next real adventure. Veronica is pining for a real adventure and travel for most of the book and the ending seems like she might just get that in the next installment.

Character List/Book Summary:

Veronica Speedwell – loves a good mystery or adventure and feels she has not had a proper adventure recently. One of Jonathan’s traveling companions when the volcano erupted and he was presumed dead. Has second thoughts about going to the Hathaway’s, but does not share her real reasons with anyone. Fights for Effie to be able to study science.

Stoker – Veronica’s partner in life. Thinks Jonathan is after something more than the land or the estate. The lady behind their kidnapping tries to seduce him, which does not work because of his feelings for Veronica.

Sir Hugo Montgomerie – head of the special branch, asks Veronica to see if she can verify Jonathan’s ID and what he might be after if it is not Jonathan.

Euphema “Effie” Hathaway – Sir Hugo’s god-daughter, an astronomer. Forced to do housework for her sister-in-law. Becomes friends with Veronica who helps her follow her passion and agrees to watch after her dog (making it 5 for Stoker and Veronica)

Jonathan – Effie’s brother, thought to be killed when Krakatoa exploded. Loved Lepidoptery as much as Veronica. Veronica learns the truth about what happened to her dear friend.

Earl of Rosemorran – Veronica & Stoker’s patron, they live on his grounds (with security secretly around the grounds too)

Lady C – Earl’s unmarried sister, who gave birth secretly and now adopted a foundling

Sir Rupert – Stoker’s brother, works discretely for the royal crown.

Lady Hathaway – Effie’s grandmother who is in poor health after her husband’s death

Charles Hathaway – Effie’s brother who legally inherited the estate from their grandfather. Let’s his wife Mary run the house and tend to the children as he worries about the sheep and the estate.

Harry Spenlove – one of Jonathan’s traveling companions, thought to be dead too. Called Veronica his wife when they are alone (but is she really?). Pretending to be Jonathan to avoid people he owes money too.

Mary Hathaway – Charles’s wife, wants the observatory that Effie uses to become her sewing room, not born into the aristocracy but her father’s wealth as a merchant has helped he family. Rude to Effie and Lady Hathaway.

Anjali – Effie’s classmate when she was allowed to study, Effie suggests her as a maid to Lady Hathaway when Mary doesn’t want to deal with her

Isabel de Armas MacGregor – Harry crossed her in Brazil and she tracked him to England and forced him to get a special jewel from Lady Hathaway. Kidnaps Veronica and Stoker, tries to seduce Stoker and fight with Veronica.

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