An Unexpected Peril

An Unexpected Peril (Veronica Speedwell) by Deanna Raybourn

Veronica and Stoker are dealing with the new dynamics in their relationship while preparing a display to honor a fallen Hippolyta Club member. When the Serene Highness of Aplenwald disappears Veronica is forced to cover for her at some official events. Stoker objects, but Veronica is determined as it will help her looking into the suspicious death of Alice Baker-Greene. Family secrets for both Veronica and her Serene Highness create tricky situations. When Stoker risks his life for Veronica (once again) there is a promise of a vacation instead of another mystery to solve. This world captivates the reader, and draws them in so that you cannot wait for another book.

Character List/Book Summary:

Veronica Speedwell – bedmates with Stoker for a month, thinks Alice’s death was not an accident. Agrees to pretend to the Princess to help a peace treaty. Encounters her father during a dinner. Is kidnapped after figuring out who killed Alice and why.

Revelstoke Temple-Stoker – after looking at Alice’s rope he thinks Alice was killed, does not like the deal Veronica agreed to and voices his objections while acknowledging that Veronica will do it anyway. Fan of Handle but not the opera.

Alice Baker-Greene – member of the Curiosity Club, died on the Teufelstreppe (an alp in Alpenwald). Given the house meant for Captain Durand, referred to Gisela as D in her climbing record. Had a special relationship with the Princess and was why Alice was going to move to Alpenwald.

Serene Highness Gisela Frederica Victoria Helena – the Princess of Alpenwald, goes missing during her trip to London, after seeing Veronica and Stoker’s work on the display for Alice. Has a habit of “not being found” that Veronica and Stoker discover are when she goes climbing.  Was sent poisoned sweets and threatening notes prior to her disappearance.

Chancellor Von Rechstein – asks Veronica to fill in for the Princess due to their similar appearance. Hints at bits and pieces of the mystery Veronica wants to solve.

Lady Cordelia – sister to Earl Rosemorran (patron to Veronica and Stoker), mathematical genius, heading the mountaineering exhibit to honor Alice.

Pompeia Baker-Greene – Alice’s grandmother, founding member of the Curiosity Club, gives Stoker some helpful suggestions regarding his relationship with Veronica.

Douglas Norton – took Alice’s summit of El Cielo, J.J. Butterworth (journalist acting as maid in the hotel the Princess is staying in, wants to sneak into Winsor Castle for a story) suspects he killed Alice, because he was in Alpenwald at the time of her death.

Baroness Margareta von Wallenberg – claims to have told the chancellor about Alice’s murder. Tells Veronica of the magic of the Mountain and helps with providing some family background to help Veronica pull off the act of being the Princess.

Duke Maximilian = very close friend of Alice, helped get her a house in Alpenwald. Almost engaged to the Princess, and keeps her secrets, even when confronted by Veronica and Stoker.

Captain Durand – Commander of the Princess’s Personal Guard, claims to have seen Alice climbing the day she died. Wanted to marry a maid, when Alice was given the house meant for him the marriage to Yelena was taken off the table.

Yelena – Princess’s personal maid, claims to only speak Russian. Tells Veronica she knows English and has been blackmailing the court to help her get married to Captain Durand. Stoker and Veronica are able to rule her out for murder quickly.

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