We Are the Brennans

We Are the Brennans by Tracey Lange

The author does a phenomenal job at getting the readers to care about the characters, the problem is most of the time the reader may think the characters are stupid, annoying, and beyond frustrating. The characters just needed to talk to each other, and by not doing so all the problems they are facing make themselves worse. Once the problem is voiced family works together to solve problems. It was a frustrating read, that was only finished to find out all the secrets. Sadly you can’t just jump to the end because secrets are revealed in different parts of the book by different characters.

It is hard to say if this book would be recommended or not, as even giving myself time between finishing the book and writing this review I am unsure if I would recommend it. I may actually leave this book in a Little Free Library as I am not sure I want it to stay in my personal library. The main question this book addresses is this…can you change fate or once the wheels start turning is the ending bound to happen because of fate?

Character List/Book Summary: (no secrets given away)

Sunday Brennan – left home years ago to move to LA, got hurt in a drunk driving accident, and her brother Denny brought her back to NY. Her secret is at the root cause of her moving to LA, breaking up with Kale, and her drinking

Dennis “Denny” Brennan – Sunday’s oldest brother, asks Sunday to help with the books at the bar because the bookkeeping is a mess. His secret is related to the finances and why he didn’t tell his wife or Kale is what makes him annoying.

Jackie Brennan – Sunday’s twin, got busted when a friend left pot in his car and his probation means he hasn’t been able to help at the bar and he had to move back in. His secret is basically Sunday’s secret and he doesn’t tell because he realizes it is her secret to tell others.

Kale – Denny’s business partner, best friend, and Sunday’s ex. His mother left when he was 4 and he grew up in the Brennan household. His secret is late in the game and revolves around his wife.

Shane Brennan – youngest brother, has developmental delays. He helps Sunday and Jackie work on a children’s book based on a story that Sunday made up when Shane was younger.

Aunt Clare – came to the states pregnant and unwed, helps Micky with a few things

Theresa – Denny’s wife who moved out to her sister’s because Denny was keeping secrets from her

Billy Walsh – he is tied to several secrets the the Brennans have.

Mickey Brennan – Sunday’s father, suspected dementia, writes things down to help him remember, his wife died several years ago. His secrets are secrets from his family but not from those in town.

Grail – Sunday’s cousin, a detective, Clare’s daughter, and tells the family about a murder that took place and questions them about their whereabouts

Vivienne – Kale’s wife, dislikes him spending time with the Brennan family before Sunday moved back and even more so now that she is back.

Michael Eaton – Denny’s lawyer, interested in Sunday


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