Instructions for Dancing

Instructions for Dancing by Nicola Yoon

If you buy this book, once you finish reading it, please find a little free library and put the book there. Once you read the book you will understand this request.

In a fluke of magical powers Evie is given the ability to see how a relationship started, milestones the relationship will have, and how it will end. Evie struggling to find her way after her parents divorce and her father’s up coming marriage to the woman Evie caught him with. In a strange twist Evie stumbles into a dance class with an outlandish teacher and after some coaxing Evie agrees to enter a dance competition with Xavier (who she finds irritating). Of course the two come to have feelings for each other, which means when that fateful kiss happens Evie sees her own future. The fun of the story is watching Xavier and Evie develop feelings for each other and realizing how the relationships of those around them have impacted their decisions and actions. Each helps the other come to accept hard facts about life and love. Magic isn’t the fantasy of a genie in the lamp, but the amazing moments in everyday life.

Character list/Book Summary:
Evie Thomas – her parents are divorcing, and this has changed how books are for her. In leaving some books in a Little Free Library, she finds an instructions on dancing booklet and a mysterious lady encourages her to go to the dance school and take a lesson.

Xavier – grandson of the owners of the the dance school. Wants to be a musician and dropped out of school to achieve this dream. Broke up with Jess 10 months ago and Evie thinks he isn’t a serious person.

Martin = Evie’s best friend and helps test her new magical foresight. Knows that Evie caught her dad with someone.

Fifi – the dance instructor who teaches Evie and Xavier

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