The Liar’s Ball

The Liar’s Ball by Vicky Ward

Listening to this book on Audible was how this book was “read” so the book might be different. Holy crap these guys are insane. The book is like a biography of the GM building in NYC and all the owners it has had, the men and women that wanted to own it. The deals made, the deals attempted, and how the building was taken away from some of the owners. This is a tame look at the inside world of mega real estate deals, the book talks about 100s of million and billions of dollars all for one building. After reading about the Macklowe art auction, one of the articles mentioned this book the desire to find out more lead me to listening to this book during a long drive. If you are a fan of crazy real life stories of people with “too much money” or of real estate this is a great read/listen. The review has been delayed to the second part of the auction since the GM building will most likely be mentioned again. 

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