The Love Hypothesis

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Olive Smith is not interested in love, or a relationship, but to save face and help her friends date she kisses a random guy in the hall, only it happens to be a professor (and a very unpopular one at that). A fake relationship is performed so that Olive can save face, and Professor Adam Carlsen can look stable to the university board in an effort to get tenure. As this is a rom-com book real feelings form and a mistaken belief occurs, but the reader knows Olive and Adam end up together. What makes the story fun to read is how they end up together, the mistakes made, the friendships formed, and happy endings when a reader needs a book with a known happy ending. 


Character List/Book Summary:

Olive Smith – Canadian, who had a personal heartbreak that sets her course in research. Went on a date or two with Jeremy and tells Anh she is dating someone new so that Anh and Jeremy can date. When Anh sees her in the lab when she claims to have been on a date she kisses the first guy she sees, Adam Carlsen. Olive comes up with a plan to fake a relationship with Adam to help Jeremy and Anh date, and discovers she has real feelings for him. 

Adam Carlsen – Professor of Biology, has an unpopular reputation among the students because of how tough he is. Superstar in his field and gets tons of grants, however one is being held back by the University as they think he is going to leave the school. Agrees to fake a relationship with Olive so that he can show the university he is planning on staying. His secret is revealed by his good friend Holden to Olive when she is put in a tough position. 

Dr. Aslan – Olive’s advisor, encourages her to test her kit in a bigger lab and to talk to Tom Benton. 

Anh – Olive’s best friend, asks Olive’s permission before dating Jeremy since they went on a few dates. Encourages Olive and Adam’s relationship because she thinks it is real based on how the two interact with each other and look at each other.

Malcolm – Olive’s roommate, had to redo a project twice because of Professor Carlsen and detests him. Is upset that Olive would date him, and when he finds out the relationship is fake still is mad at Olive. Who he ends up dating is a nice surprise. 

Jeremy Langley – had gone on a few dates with Olive, then wants to date Anh. 

Tom Benton – associate professor at a prestigious university in Boston area, and friend to Adam. Arranges to talk to Olive prior to knowing her and Adam are dating. During a conference in Boston, threatens Olive and tells her Adam will believe him over her. Holden dislikes and distrusts him from when the three of them where in undergrad together.

Dr. Holden Rodrigues – professor of pharmacology and great friend to Adam. Offers insight on Adam to Olive and Malcolm. Often has funny commentary.  

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