Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating

Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren

The two authors have a gift for creating romantic comedies that draw you into the world and root for both Hazel and Josh. Being a romantic comedy it is not if the two will realize they love each other and how the adventures that happen to bring them together. Josh and Hazel met in college, where she did not make the best impression but did make a lasting one. Several years later Hazel discovers that Josh is the brother of her best friend Emily. In series of blind double dates Josh and Hazel set each other up and soon realize the purpose of the dates is so they can spend time together. When you just a need a silly, make you smile, and take away the stress of the real world book this is the book.

Character List/Book Summary

Hazel Camille Bradford = 3rd grade teacher, wants to work at Riverview with her best friend Emily. A pipe breaks in her apartment and she needs a place to stay for a few weeks, she ends up staying at Josh’s place as he scheduled for a vacation. When Josh comes back early the two start setting each other up and realize how much they like spending time with each other. Has a dog, Winnie, who loves Josh. Does not think she is good enough for Josh, but starts to realize that she loves him.

Josh Im = owns a physical therapy business in Portland. Was dating Tabby for two years, but the last year has been long distance. Receives a text that indicates she is seeing someone else after Tabby doesn’t make it up one weekend. After ending his relationship Josh decides to stay at home for his vacation, Hazel decides the two need to get out so that they can try and find a person. Josh starts to realize he likes, possibly loves, having Hazel in his life and in his space.

Emily Goldrich = Hazel’s best gal pal, and Josh’s sister. Teaches 5th grade at Riverview and is married to Dave. Wanted to set up Hazel and Josh after he ended things with Tabby. Hazel turns to her when she realizes her feelings for Josh and makes a surprising discovery.

Dave = Emily’s husband, principal at Riverview, teases Josh and Hazel about being a couple. Josh goes to Dave for advice once Josh realizes he loves Hazel.

Tabitha “Tabby” = Josh’s girlfriend of 2 years, working in LA. Flaked on him when she was supposed to come up and accidentally sent him a text message meant for the other guy she was seeing. Josh finds out she has been seeing Darby and tells Hazel instead of his sister.

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