Project Hail Mary

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

Ryland Grace awakens and does not know who he is or where he is, he realizes that he is the sole surviving member of Project Hail Mary, a group of 3 scientists that are meant to discover how to save earth from a single cell alien life that is eating the sun. The author does a great job at showing that even in desperate times humor can still exist. Grace finds intelligent alien life, Rocky, who is there for the same issue, only on his planet. Grace and Rocky manage to work together and find a way to save their own planets and become friends. There are a few disasters along the way, and through it all Grace and Rocky become friends. When the last disaster happens Grace has to make a decision about going back to Earth or saving Rocky and his planet. The author does a great job at getting you to care about all the characters, including the ones that died and the ones you only know through Grace’s flashbacks of memories of what happened that created the situation he is currently in.  There is Strat, who is given almost unlimited power to make Project Hail Mary happen and why she recruited a middle school science teacher. The two other astronauts on the Hail Mary with Grace and their personalities. The people that Grace met along the way while making sure Project Hail Mary happened.

If you have the option, the Audible version of this is a great listen.

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