A Rogue of One’s Own

A Rogue of One’s Own by Evie Dunmore

The second book in the League of Extraordinary Women series, has the fearless leader, Lady Lucie, facing her own challenges. It is nice to catch up on the characters after Bringing Down the Duke, and see Annabelle happily married, and supporting the Suffrage movement along with Hattie and Catriona. In an effort to push the movement and try and change the Married Women’s Property Act the ladies decide to buy a publishing house, however this plan goes sideways when a childhood annoyance buys part of the publishing house too. Dealing with the drama of her new playboy partner, Tristen, results in more than just tempers rising. Tristen is being threatened by his father and forced into an engagement with Lucie’s cousin, when he starts to realize that it is Lucie he has loved all along. The author does an amazing job creating this love story in what could be real people and situations. Of course a happy ending will result, but there are some hiccups along the way, at least one of which might make the reader feel the embarrassment of the characters. The characters and events that are surrounding this group make the reader eager for book 3


Character List/Book Summary:

Lady Lucinda Tedbury – leader of the Suffrage movement in Oxford. Tristan bothered her during their youth when he and his mother would visit their home each summer (mothers were best friends). Has Tristan read some of the letters she regularly gets regarding the women in England and the troubles they face. Starts to be OK being seen with Tristan in public. Hoped to use the publishing house to help push for change in the law and with getting women the right to vote.


Lord Tristan Ballentine – 27 years old, returned from war a decorated hero and has women flocking to him. Appointed a seat in the House of Lords, but has not really used the seat. Wants to meet with Lucie about her publishing ideas, so that she doesn’t ruin the publishing company (which he hopes to use to get out from under his father). Author of a book of poetry, has a unique tattoo on his shoulder. His father is threatening to place his wife in an asylum unless Tristan cleans up his act and gets engaged to Cecily.  Claims his seat in the House of Lords and starts to help Lucie when he tries to make amends for proposing to her against her wishes. 


Tommy – Lucie’s brother, went to Eton with Tristan


Cecily – Lucie’s cousin, Lucie’s mom is with her when they run into Lucie while dress shopping. Is going to be Tristan’s fiancé, runs away after Tristan leaves her and implicates Tristan has taken her virtue.


Countess of Wycliffe – Lucie’s mom, grooming Cecily to be a proper lady after her parents died young. Disappointed in how Lucie isn’t a proper lady, but is proud of her independence. Helps Lady Rochester, Tristan’s mother.  Breeds cats, and Tristan took a specific one from her after Lucie was kicked out of the house.


Catriona – has a crush on Peregrin (Annabelle’s brother in law), helps with raising funds to buy the publishing house


Lady Mabel Henley – rents with Lucie so that a maiden is not alone. She is a widow and interested in having a fling with Tristan. 


Earl of Rochester – Tristan’s father, beat Tristan as a child. Tries to force Tristan to submit and behave as he wishes.


Annabelle – married to the Duke of Montgomery, suggests that the London Print hire women, suspects Cecily distributed pamphlets to make Lucie look bad. Is aware of the true nature of Lucie and Tristan’s arrangement.


Hattie – senses Annabelle’s house party will be scandalous. Wants to paint Lucie. 


Blackstone “Beelzebub” – meets with Tristan, knew him from pre-war when Tristan blackmailed people. He lends money to Tristan in exchange for certain secrets Tristan has.


Lord Arthur Seymour – Tristan knows his secrets, stirs trouble for Tristan by telling Cecily about Lucie and how to help try and trap Tristan into marriage. 

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