To Love and To Loathe

To Love and To Loathe by Martha Waters

The sequel to To Have and To Hoax two friends who are brutally honest with each other agree to an affair so that one can get an honest review and the other can change her reputation. Of course they realize they have feelings for each other and in trying to stick to their original agreement a comedy of errors occurs. This author has a gift for making the reader enjoy the comedy of human nature while knowing there will be a happy ending for the payoff, the biggest question is how do the characters get their happy ending. After this book, it will be hard to wait for the next installment of this series.

List of Characters/Book Summary:

Lady Diana Templeton = likes Jeremy, but he was poor when she needed to marry into money so she married a wealthy man who left her a widow a few years into marriage. Very wealthy now, and enjoys telling her friends what she thinks they should do, is not so great at receiving advice. Agrees to give Jeremy an honest review of his skills in an effort to help her attract future suitors.

Marques Jeremy Willingham = likes verbal bouts with Diana, but realizes a strong man needs to marry her and he isn’t sure he is a strong man. Ask Diana to be his lover to help her reputation and in an effort to boost his esteem.

Viscount Penvale – Diana’s brother

Emily – a friend to Diana, her father is in debt to an American and her dowry involves more than paying off his debts (but Emily is not sure what else is involved). Enjoys spending time with Julian and the plot for the next book probably involves the two of them, as there were hints dropped in this book.

Julian Belfry – owns a theater, has been enjoying spending time with Emily, thinks he knows what else needs to be done for Emily’s dowry. It is hinted that he has a proposition for Emily in this book (which should be the third book in this series)

Dowager Marchioness of Willingham = Jeremy’s grandmother, sets her sights on matching Jeremy and Diana. Agrees to help Diana with her wager that Jeremy will wed before a year is up.

Lady Helen Rothsmore – in her 3rd season, has secrets of her own. Diana thinks she would be a good match for Jeremy until she learns her secret. Diana agree to help Helen keep her secret and hopefully succeed in her plan to never have to marry.

West – James’s elder brother who had been courting Sophie before his accident with Jeremy’s elder brother. During his trip to Jeremy’s estate it appears he and Sophie may rekindle their romance.

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