The Dating Plan

The Dating Plan by Sara Desai

Both families are oddly familiar to anyone and everyone. The story reads like a hallmark movie with the happy ending guaranteed although there will be some bumps along the way. There is no need to read the previous book (The Marriage Game) because while people are mentioned and references are made the book really could be a stand alone, as I have not read the previous book and really enjoyed this book. There are some cute moments, some cringe worthy moments, and for a few people they might spot one or two yeah this isn’t the right term or this isn’t possible. Just remember this is like reading a Hallmark Movie, it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate it is just a feel good book.

Character List/Book Summary:

Daisy Patel – tells people her and Liam are engaged to get out of her family trying to arrange a marriage for her. Devoted to her dog. Happy in her job and likes the mission of the company. Great at making a spreadsheet and planning out the fake engagement

Liam Murphy – Daisy’s brother’s best friend in high school, stood her up on prom night and then disappeared. Dad died a year ago and his grandfather just passed away. Tells people that Daisy is his fiancĂ© to keep his brother Brendon from getting the distillery and destroying it to support the motorcycle dealership his father ran into the ground.

Tyler Dawes – CEO of Oranicare, Daisy’s new boss, daughter started the company her ex ruined it and now he is trying to save it so that people can keep their jobs.

Roshan – man Daisy’s aunts are trying to set her up with

Layla – Daisy’s cousin who just got married. Runs a recruiting firm, know what is really between Daisy and Liam and warns Daisy to be careful so she doesn’t get hurt again and threatens to harm Liam if he hurts Daisy again.

Sanjay – Daisy’s brother, doctor who is hardly ever in California. Knows what really happened on prom night, never told anyone until Daisy asked him about it.

Jaxon – Liam’s nephew, and the reason he started coming back to California more

Joe – Murphy Distillery manger for 30 years, reminds Liam what some of his childhood was like and that Brendan is different than Liam is.

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