Financial Peace Revisited

Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey

The interesting thing about this book is that the advice is basic and simple. Dave Ramsey even says this is not new information and other have said it before. What is interesting his the simple and basic he gives is couched in suggestions on how to follow through and examples of when you might be in this situation with a variety or ranges. Nothing earth shattering or drastic, but basic advice that everyone could benefit form hearing again, or for the first time. After finishing this book I was tempted to find his radio show and start listening to that. 

There is no investment advice other than keep it basic and only a few ETFs or indexes. However, the advice on budgets and other ways that money can control you instead of you controlling it are pretty good to read or listen to. There are other books by Dave Ramsey, and other financial gurus, so it is up to the reader on which ones might be best for their situation and their desired outcomes. 

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