Spellmaker by Charlie N. Holmberg

The sequel to Spellbreaker, this brings together the story and explains some of the whys that the first book left hanging. The new characters and the development of Elsie, Ogden, and Bacchus was interesting. The only part that was sad was that this series has come to a happy ending. Elsie having rescued Ogden and Bacchus was discovered to be an unlicensed Spellbreaker and jailed. Bacchus and Ogden do what they can to free her and in the process Bacchus fibs that the two are engaged. While the feelings between Elsie and Bacchus are real, it takes time for each to convince the other of that since it was unconventional circumstances that resulted in the engagement. What is harder is for Elsie to pretend that she just discovered her Spellbreaking abilities, while fighting off attacks and solving more mysteries all while planning a wedding in six short weeks. The story might have been rushed in some spot but the reader doesn’t realize that until the go to analyze the book. In the mist of reading there is no sense of being rushed unless the characters feel that way. Ms. Holmberg truly creates a world the reader can get lost into, and would enjoy being lost in.


Character list/Book Summary:

Elsie Camden – spellbreaker, arrested for being unregistered. Has feelings for Bacchus and doesn’t know how their engagement is to work, because she feels he was being nice and may not truly love her like she loves him. Gets kidnapped on her way to meet Bacchus. Manages to unbind a spell as it is being made when Ogden and her are attacked in their home.

Bacchus Kelsey – Master Aspector, promises to get Elsie out of jail, says he is engaged and that is how they discovered her new skill as a Spellbreaker. Tells Elsie he is in love with her and that her being in jail just hurried up the engagement because he would have proposed to her. Moves into Ogden’s after Ogden and Elsie are attacked to help protect her from Merton.

Cuthbert Ogden – Elsie’s boss, like a father to her. Tells her he did consider her a daughter and gives her his father’s wedding ring so that she has a ring to give Bacchus. Had a memory erase spell used on him, going to try and find the opuses that Merton stole. Wants to confirm that Merton is really dead after Master Phillips is accused of her murder, with the help of Elsie and Bacchus he realizes she isn’t. 

Emmeline – works for Ogden, a best friend to Elsie. Keeps Elsie’s secret when it is revealed and proves herself a trustworthy friend.

Duke of Kent, Isaiah Scott – admits Bacchus’s siphoning spell that Elsie removed in Spellbreaker was  allowed by Bacchus’s father and that Master Phillip placed it on Bacchus. Declines to say who he is siphoning from now, after such a quick recovery from his illness after Bacchus’s was removed. 

Abigail Scott – Isaiah’s wife, did not know about the spell. Thrilled that Bacchus and Elsie are engaged, wants to help plan the wedding. Offers a letter saying that Bacchus and Elsie are engaged to help Bacchus get Elsie out of jail.

Lord Astley – the magistrate Bacchus talks to about getting Elsie out of jail. Questions Bacchus’s story of their engagement, and wants to be invited to the wedding. Does attend the wedding and sees they are in love.

Duchess Morris – Elsie undid a few charms she wore in the previous book. Elsie interviews her as part of her training. Provides details about Merton’s background and how she was poor and supported her sponsor when he was older.

Irene Prescott – sent to register Elsie as a Spellbreaker and train her. Training makes Elsie’s wrists itch from breaking so many simple spells repeatedly. Realizes that Elsie is not a novice when she see Elsie fighting the attacker in Ogden’s house and agrees to keep up the pretense and help Bacchus, Ogden, and Elsie find Merton.

Master Enoch Phillips – head of the London Physical Atheneum, dislikes Bacchus because he is different and dislikes Master Hill because she is female. Admits to putting a siphoning spell on Bacchus when he was younger and threatens Bacchus, who threatens him back to be admitted to the Atheneum to be allowed to get commission work while he is in London (for the course of Elsie’s training).

Master Ruth Hill – takes Bacchus in once he leaves the Duke of Kent. Attacked by a Physical Aspector, saved by Bacchus who comes to her rescue. Becomes the Head of the London Antheum after Master Phillips is forced to step down.

Reggie Camden – claims to be Elsie’s brother and has been searching for his two sisters and one brother since their parents abandoned them when they were all younger. Their parents were very poor and would leave a child as they traveled with who they thought might be able to take care of the child. Reggie helps Elsie and Bacchus with their plans. Starts dating Emmeline. Tells Elsie that their eldest brother died a few years ago, but he did find him before he passed. Their youngest sister he is still looking for.

Quinn Raven – Irene explained he is an American Aspector who vanished 11 years ago. Merton is sending coded messages to try and find him or lure him out into the open to get a spell from him. After visiting Elsie, Bacchus, Ogden, and Irene a few times he agrees to help.

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