Clanlands: Whisky, Warfare, and Scottish Adventure Like No Other by Sam Heuhan & Graham McTavish

I did not read this book, I listened to it on Audible. Before I review the book, I should make is clear that I have not read the series Outlander nor have I watched it on TV. I thought the book would be two Scottish actors on a road trip discussing Scottish history only. To my disappointment it felt as if about one-third to a half of the book makes references to the TV show or books that I was not able to make any connection to. 

The relationship between these two friends was entertaining and the parts that had them interacting with each other might be the highlights of the book. Without knowing how the book is written I can only recommend that if you like Outlander this is a great book. If you like Scottish history this is a decent book. If you wanted to learn about Scottish history a beginner level with modern TV references thrown in. 

The voices of the actors on the audbile version was calming which was odd when talking about the murders and battles that took place with such vengeance in Scottish history. 

I gave myself several days after completing this audible to try and figure out what to write and I am no better at being able to tell you if I would recommend this book or not. It was a disappointment in the sense that so many Outlander references were lost on me, but I am sure that might make it more enjoyable for others.  I leave you with this recommendation, I don’t know if this book is for you and read or listen at your own discretion. 

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