The School for Good and Evil

The School of Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

An independent bookstore had this book along with an author signed book 6, this grabbed my eye and now there is a new series that will be on my to read list. The author creates a world in that has the children of famous fairytales (both the heroes and villains) attend a school to create their own fairytale. What is interesting is that every four years a pair of “readers” or normal humans who believes so much in fairytales is kidnapped from Gavaldon and brought to the school, one the School for Good and the other to the School for Evil. This year it was best friends Agatha and Sophie, who everyone in town pegged Agatha for going into Evil, as she lives in a graveyard and wears black all the time. However, as Agatha and Sophie find out the true nature of a person can be hidden.  The shocking ending has this reader hunting down a way to get the second book in the series, so be warned make sure you have book 2 handy before you finish this book. 

Character List/Book Summary:

Sophie = fearing she might be taken by the School Master her father locks her windows. Sophie wants to be kidnapped and taken to the school, feels that Tedros is her when they lock eyes at the welcoming. Seals her fate in Evil when the wolf cuts her hair. Becomes obsessed with getting into the School for Good and doesn’t realize that her actions are not following the rules. Manages to become so powerful that both schools fear her.

Agatha = claims she doesn’t believe in the fairytales, dropped at the School for Good and does not feel like she fits in. Wants to get Sophie and go back home, but to do that she has to study both school’s work and helps Sophie on challenges. Saves Tedros during the last trial and realizes that maybe she is good. 

School Master = kidnaps kids only past their 12th year, does not allow teachers to interfere with trials. Claims that he is neutral, but that might be questioned based on the ending of the book. Realizes Sophie has strong magic

Mr. Deauville = owns the bookstore that randomly gets four new fairytales a year.

Stefan = Sophie’s father, a widower, and wants to marry Honora so he can have 2 sons, but Sophie changes the topic each time it is mentioned, because she doesn’t want to give permission for her father to remarry

Callis = Agatha’s mother, believes in the School Master and that her daughter will be taken 

Beatrix = one of the most beautiful girls at the School for Good, wants Tedros. Agatha realizes that her beauty is only skin deep and that she is not a nice person

Dot = Sophie’s roommate at the School for Evil, can turn things to chocolate. When kicked out of her room, she goes to live in a toilet

Hester = Tattooed roommate of Sophie, wants to be the most evil and is threatened by Sophie, tries to kill Tedros. Tries to help Sophie when she starts to become too powerful

Anadil = albino, tries to help Sophie 

August Sader = Professor, teaches the Theater of Tales, is a seer and not allowed to answer questions, but helps Agatha realize what the answer to the School Master’s riddle is and why it is a problem. 

Reena = claims Agatha looks evil and refuses to bunk with Agatha in the School for Good

Millicent = claims a fear of heights so that she doesn’t have to bunk with Agatha in the School for Good

Beezle = red skinned dwarf

Lady Lesso = thinks the School Master is not creating a balance, tries to help Sophie from becoming pure evil. Thinks Sophie is the best bet the school has at winning.

Storian = a pen that writes fairytales and created good or evil winning, starts to write Sophie and Agatha’s fairytale

Tedros = King Arthur’s son, realizes he was picking Agatha in the challenges and not Sophie after the Trial. Thinks that Sophie is good because she is so beautiful. Is tricked into breaking the rules and thinking Sophie is good.

Princess Uma = Teaches Animal Communication in the School for Good and realizes Agatha has a unique gift that is powerful when she grants an animal’s wish. Helps Agatha see her inner beauty.

Kiko = School for Good classmate of Agatha’s who is nice to her when others are not


Rule #13 = Halfway Bridge & Tower Roofs are forbidden to students

Rule #5 = Nevers don’t trifle with love

5 Rules that Separate Evil and Good

  1. Evil attacks, Good defends
  2. Evil punishes, Good forgives
  3. Evil hurts, Good help
  4. Evil takes, Good gives
  5. Evil hates, Good loves

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