The Dark Archive

The Dark Archive (Invisible Library) by Genevieve Cogman

The author does not disappoint, the answer to so many questions start getting answered (but thankfully not all were) and new story lines are put in place. Irene has a new apprentice, Lord Silver’s niece, whose background is not fully understood or known. Kai is starting to realize how much he likes the company of Vale and especially Irene when he starts wondering if he was ordered to another realm would those two come with him. Vale meanwhile is the great detective who is tracking down “the professor” and the man behind him, both of whom are trying to take over the London underworld. Subplots and a cast of highly entertaining characters that keep coming back into the story are well worth following this series. The reader will be drawn into a magical world with endless possibilities and characters that grow (even the supporting cast have growth of some kind). Readers that have been with the series since book 1, may have hoped or thought about some of the plot twists and at least this reader was not disappointed with how they came out or what they were.

Character List/Book summary:

Irene Winters “Ray” = Librarian, treaty representative, requested to train a Fae as part of the treaty agreement. Learns a librarian may have betrayed her to Guantes, is kidnapped and foils the Guantes plans. Concerned about what a magical doorway between realms might mean for each realm. Defeats Alberich again with the help of Vale and Kai, but it is unclear if this time he is gone for good.

Kai = Dragon Prince, treaty representative, poisoned within the first few chapters by someone. As he searches for the reason behind the assassination attempt he visits his cousin and brother. During the visit he starts to wonder if Irene, his lover, would follow him if he was ordered to another realm. A fight with his brother leads to an important meeting and hidden agendas are hinted at.

Vale = Figures out certain secrets while kidnapped and being threatened his use of those helps Irene defeat Alberich. A master of disguise he uses one to sneak around London and gather information.

Alberich = supplied Guantes with a device to track Irene and help regenerate after each death. Plans to use Irene’s body to break the treaty and destroy The Library.

Coppelia = Senior Librarian, Irene’s mentor, and when Irene comes into the Library is sick and not giving assistance

Catherine “Talita” = Fae, Lord Silver’s niece and Irene’s new apprentice. Unknown history just that she spent her childhood growing up isolated after her parents died and wants to share books and be a librarian. Not yet 18 years old, gets kidnapped with Irene, Vale, and Kai. Struggles to break free from Guantes, but does so and helps Irene.

Lord Silver = Fae, Ambassador from Liechtenstein, spymaster, leaves London for Hawaii when assassination plot against him is discovered.

Dr. Brabasmus = “murdered” a few months ago, his creatures are self-propelled cerebral controllers

Lord Guantes = Fae, Irene murdered him months ago, regenerates thanks to Alberich’s help. Might be Vale’s criminal mastermind, tells Irene that the man behind the professor knows who she is and wants her alive.

Sterrington = Fae, now serving The Cardinal, confirms a new door between realms is troubling. Shot when going to tell Singh information.

Inspector Singh = calls Irene by the wrong alias to get her attention and sneak her away without being noticed in the crowd. Working with Vale on tracking down who the new criminal mastermind in London is.

Columbine = Vale’s sister, more than a clerk in the Ministry. Helps Vale, Kai, and Irene get into the expo.

Cuifen = one of Kai’s favorite cousins, expert in computers and data analysis, dragon related on Kai’s mother’s side. Works for Zhang Yi. Kai goes to her for help with a high chaos laptop.

Lord Zhang Yi = dragon, undisputed expert that eclipsed his low birth and minor family. Busy the last few months because of a need to review royal security systems. Stops the fight between Kai and his brother. Provides information about the laptop.

Shan Yuan = Kai’s half-brother, works for Zhang Yi. Took the laptop from Cuifen (and then had it taken by Zhang Yi) follows his brother back and threatens Irene to try and get his brother removed as treaty representative. When kidnapped is not as helpful until Kai threatens him and shows him why the treaty is important.

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