The Last Ever After

The Last Ever After (Book 3 The School for Good and Evil) by Soman Chainani

Sophie is with her King of Evil, and Agatha is with her Prince, so why is there more to the story? Sophie learns about her mother, Agatha learns about her mother, and Tedros meets his mother. The story never felt forced, but also didn’t seem to make sense at times. The fighting between Tedros and Agatha was to show that all relationships are tough, but you can get through it. The old fairy-tales being rewritten by monsters/evil doers who now kill the older version of the fairy tale hero was an interesting twist. Sophie finally realizing that for evil to exist good must also exist, was a perfect last lesson from Lady Lesso. Aric’s storyline was forced and I hope he never comes back. Hort is clearly meant for more of a storyline and it will be interesting to see how his future is revealed in the next few books. A good book, a good story, and plenty of future story lines set up, however it could also have been a nice ending to the series. I will wait to see if I am going to pretend I didn’t read book 4, 5, or 6.

Character List/Book Summary:

Agatha = realized that her mother traveled between worlds; jealous of how Tedros wants to save Sophie; changes to Edgar to sneak into school, thinks she is unworthy of Tedros. Starts putting pieces together but needs Merlin’s helps to figure more of it out. Learns who her true father is, and why her mother’s looks changed over time.

Sophie = took the School Master’s ring; has Tedros’s name tattooed onto her hand when she asks the ring for her true love’s name. Asks Teddy to question his happy ever after with Agatha if he wants her to question hers with the School Master. Embraces her evil too much and doesn’t understand the lessons Lady Lesso tries to teach her. Keeps fighting being Evil, until she hears how her mother used Agatha’s mother to force an ending, just like she was trying to do.

Tedros = struggles with a happily ever after with Agatha, even though he knows he loves her. Changes to Essa to sneak into the school, tries to convince Sophie to go with him and Agatha. Finds his mother when Merlin hides the League of 13 and a few extras. After hearing secrets he realizes what it will take to be King of Camelot and what kind of king he should be like. Tests Sophie about why she wants to be Queen to realize that Agatha is the one he meant to be with.

School Master/Rafal = Sophie’s kiss brought him back, transforms the school so that all students MUST practice Evil or die. Needs Galveston so that fairy tales can exist, readers believing is what makes the school exist.

Callis = Agatha’s mother, hiding Agatha and Tedros, told the League of 13 to protect Agatha and Tedros and she sent them back to the world of fairy tales to rescue Sophie. Was sure Agatha went to the School for Evil, because she had been a professor there. As a professor she caught the School Master’s eye, but ended up running away and trying to make up for the things she had done and regretted.

Princess Uma = helps rescue Agatha and Tedros as they re-enter the world and brings them to the League of 13. Tells Agatha and Tedros that they must get Sophie to destroy the School Master’s ring by her own hand if the School Master is to be truly killed this time.

Hort = Captain of Evil, claims to hate Sophie; comes to rescue Sophie when he thinks she is being attacked at the school only to end up being locked out with her and the others. Still cares for Sophie, becomes her bodyguard to bring her back to school as she travels with Tedros, Agatha, and Merlin. Sees a vision of the future when he uses a wish fish.

Yuba = Founding member of the League of 13 – finds Agatha and Tedros in the rabbit hole and is disappointed in how much they bicker.

White Rabbit – member of the League of 13 – guides Tedros and Agatha to the headquarters

Tinkerbell – member of the League of 13 – unpetrified Uma

Peter Pan – member of the League of 13 – makes amends with Hort on past wrongs to his family

Pinocchio – member of the League of 13 – tells the truth too often but adds humor to the situation

Cinderella – member of the League of 13 – explains her real with to Agatha when trying to get Agatha to help Sophie and why not all fairy tales are fairy tale like

Hansel and Gretel – members of the League of 13

Briar Rose (sleeping beauty) and Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk) = members of the League of 13, engaged and want to focus on their wedding

Red Riding Hood = member of the League of 13, one of the only ones who thinks that Agatha and Tedros should be mentored.

Merlin = member of the League of 13, gives Agatha advice on Camelot’s story and Agatha’s mother; keeps disappearing and reappearing

Lady Lesso = Dean at the School, best friend to Professor Dovey; forced to rule the school with her long lost son, Aric. Tries to guide Sophie to accept her evil and look for the spies in the school and to not be too cruel to students. Leaves note indicating who should replace her as Dean for Evil that is found after the battle.

Professor Dovey = imprisoned with the other Good professors by the School Master; helps Sophie understand the lesson Lady Lesso was trying to teach.

Aric = Lesso’s son, who wants to kill her but is forbidden to do so by the School Master. Taunts/flirts with Sophie, enjoys torturing the boys. Is attacked by Hester when he hurts a disguised Agatha.

Hester = bring the 2 “new” students onto campus. Helps Agatha, because she is part of the coven and that is what covens are for.

Lady of the Lake = provides sanctuary to the League and students.

Guinevere = staying at the safe house with the Lady of the Lake, explains to Tedros why she left his father. Shows Tedros that he can’t force a story to be.

Lancelot = Sophie recognizes that he is the man threatening her in her dreams. He tells Sophie about black swan gold tooth ring she is wearing and how it distorts a wish and heart; also tells her Merlin knows that Tedros loves Agatha. Helps Tedros fight in the battle.

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