Murderous Relation

A Murderous Relation by Deanna Raybourn

Veronica is summoned back to London by Lady Wellie who asks Veronica and Stoker to help the Royal Family retrieve an item that could reflect badly if discovered. Veronica is hesitant at first, but Stoker leads the way and the two are thrown into a world of excess and passion. During a night of running from murderous family members and protected loved ones Veronica realizes she has crossed paths with the Ripper. The book cover teases about the Ripper, but this book takes place while the Ripper is active and does not involve Veronica and Stoker solving the crime or going after him.

Friends and not so friendly acquaintances are back in the mix as Veronica and Stoker address their feelings for one another and her complicated family dynamics. Veronica meets more of her family and old family members come back into play when she and her companions are kidnapped. The ending leaves readers of the series since the beginning a well deserved reward. The biggest disappointment in the book is a tie between Veronica not knowing who the Ripper is and having to wait several months for the next book to arrive at my door.

Character List/Book Summary:

Veronica Speedwell = illegitimate daughter of Prince of Wales, who meets her younger brother, realizes they share Chester, and becomes slightly protective of him. Knows she saw the Ripper on the night of her escape, and he brushed her dress. Admits her feelings for Stoker and tries to manage the feelings while on their next adventure.

Stoker Templeton Vane = Admits his feelings for Veronica, leads the way into the investigation after Veronica initially declines. Takes another beating before taking another bullet for Veronica, and is nursed back to health by her and Mr. Pennybaker. 

Lady Wellingtonia “Wellie” = Earl’s great-aunt and protector of the Royal Family’s secrets, has an attack after asking Veronica and Stoker for help but before able to share her reasons for asking. Appears to have been grooming Archibon to replace Sir Hugo, had the Scotland Yard guarding the house after insisting Veronica move in.

Madame Aurore = runs Club de l’ Etoile, claims to be French, mystery surrounds her background and no one knows anything of her backstory.

Earl of Rosemorran = owns Bishop’s Folly, asks Stoker to officiate a wedding between his tortoise and one that he is having shipped over

Sir Hugo Montgomerie = head of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch, busy with hunting down the Ripper

Inspector Archibond = comes to Veronica and Stoker for help after Lady Wellie has her attack, knows Veronica’s father is the Prince. Helps Edmund kidnap his niece and her companions. Believes he can create anarchy and profit from it.

Princess Alexandra = Veronica’s step-mother and asks for help retrieving a gift given to Madame Aurore by her son.

Princess Louise = Veronica’s aunt, suggested to Princess Alexandra that she go and speak to Veronica for help

Prince Albert Victor “Eddy” = 24 years old, rather innocent, visits Club de l’ Etoile on a regular basis. Veronica stops him from being framed for Madame Aurora’s murder

Mr. Pennybaker = commissioned Stoker to mount an extinct animal hide that was in poor shape. Got along wonderfully with Veronica. Tricks Stoker into meeting with Archibond after he and Veronica escaped

J.J. Butterworth = reporter for the Daily Harbinger (female), rejects Moraday’s advances, but does help Mornaday save Veronica and Stoker and even got him a job in the club. Comes to an understanding with Veronica after she realizes who her father really is.

Mornaday = police officer who Veronica sent postcards to, is in love with J.J. Butterworth, disguises himself as Madame Aurora’s guard.

Tiberius = Stoker’s brother, helps Stoker and Veronica break into the Club and then leaves London, locking up his house.

Victoria = female at party who is hiding his true identity

Quiet Dan = supplied drugged porridge and beer to Veronica and Stoker while they were kidnapped. Veronica and Stoker use him to find out information about the location they are being held in

Edmund de Clare = Veronica’s uncle, working with Archibond. Plans to use Veronica to overthrow the government and put himself in power.

Rupert = Stoker’s brother, Stoker takes Veronica and Eddy there after their escape. Rupert and his wife Lavinia help bring Eddy back to the Royal Family without raising questions about where he had been. 

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