KJV Holy Bible

King James Version: Holy Bible

I wont talk about the Bible in this post, instead I am going to talk about a goal and the journey. One of my goals for 2020 was to read the entire Bible, I found a 52 week Bible reading plan and set to work. Some days I read more and some days I didn’t read at all, but I managed to finish early. What I liked about the plan I saw was that you don’t start at the beginning of the Holy Bible and read to the end, you focus on different books and different types of passages depending on the day. The link referenced on this page contains a reading plan for more than just the KJV, it has a plan for other versions of the Holy Bible as well.

When people have mentioned that they have read the entire Holy Bible it seems like a daunting task and one that when I tried to read from start to finish was not able to accomplish. However, breaking up the readings and changing from Old to New Testament and having a few chapters each day made it more manageable. On days when I knew I would be busy and might be crunched for time I read ahead or made up for those days afterwards. The reading plan let me check off what I read and created a sense of accomplishment instead of dreading at what was left. At the start of the year checking off passages in the reading plan helped keep me going. At the halfway point the shift turned to how nice it was to see how far I had come and how little was left.

While I can be one of the people that can say I have read the entire Bible, I will be honest that I don’t remember all of the readings but I know I read it all. There is also something satisfying about how when people quote scripture, it is now easier to put the one or two lines into a broader concept. I understand not everyone will want to do this, but for anyone thinking of reading the Bible I do recommend a reading plan to help you break up the reading, and please do not try and read from cover to cover.

I am also posting this to ask if anyone knows of a good reading plan for other religious texts? I did start with the book of may faith, but I think it is important to know about other faiths I would like to make it a goal to read another religious text. After seeing the benefit of a reading plan to make it through the entire Bible, it would be nice to have a reading plan for any other religious text I attempt.

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