The Book of Joy

The Book of Joy 

I listened to this book as an audiobook, and will probably re-listen to bits of it again. I was inspired by how many stories these two great men shared on how to be more joyful because of challenges you are facing or how thinking beyond yourself and connecting with the world at large helps one be joyful.

It almost sounds counter intuitive that struggling will make you joyful and that connecting with those that are struggling will help you have gratitude. However, these two men (with the help of the author) explain how humans are wired to be connected to others and when we are it is easier to be joyful and filled with gratitude.  Pausing and reflecting on the lessons, points made, or teachings made the book more meaningful and will probably help the lessons stick longer. 

While this book can be read or listened to once it is probably beneficial to put this on a reread or re-listen to list so that reminders of joyful lessons are given. 

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