The Little Antique Shop Under the Eiffel Tower

The Little Antique Shop Under the Eiffel Tower by Rebecca Raisin

Not a huge love story fan, but this book was more a tale of amateur detective trying to figure out who the jewelry thief is with a love story gently woven in.  A nice diversion in from everyday life this book gave you a bit of adventure while safely letting you catch the thief.  Anouk burn by Joshua and how he stole her antiques, is trying to keep her business afloat, deal with her sister Lilou invading her apartment, and with the help of Madame Dupont figure out who is stealing jewelry around Europe. A stranger manages to work his way into Anouk’s heart, but Anouk and Madame Dupont are convinced he is the jewelry thief. Anouk’s life becomes anything but boring when her younger sister and her boyfriend invaded Anouk’s apartment and decide to stay for a while and even Anouk’s mother ends up staying at Anouk’s place after a fight with her father. Anouk is trying to hold it all together which leads to lighthearted moments of failure and embarrassment. This is  a great read that will cheer you up when you need a distraction from daily life.  The best thing this author does is help a reader care about the characters, and have a mystery that is not so overwhelming or important that it gets in the way of the characters.

Character List/Book Summary:

Anouk LaRue = 28 year old, deals in French Antiques, travels in Europe to collect antiques for her buyers and her shop, only sells to clients she knows or who have a client vouch for them, does not enjoy her sister moving in and less so her mother moving in. Hesitant to give Tristan a shot, because Joshua not only stole her antiques but also broke her heart.

Tristan = a new face on the antique circuit, American, Anouk cannot find information on him or his copy, this makes her and Madame Dupont think he is the thief. Helps Anouk’s family when a crisis occurs, and risk more than Anouk realizes by doing so.

Madame Dupont = 10 year old woman, always has her face painted and a lite cigarette, famous cabaret singer when she was younger, and lived a life full of rumors and fantasy. Helps Anouk try and prove who the thief is, after they each suspect the other one.

Joshua = Anouk’s ex-boyfriend, American, told the editor of the biggest guide books about her secret room to spite her. Annoys Anouk at auctions and always somehow knows what she will be bidding on and where she is going to be.

Lilou = Anouk’s younger sister, moves in without permission, working on starting a jewelry line, while lying to her parents about taking classes to become a paralegal.

Dion = 60ish, treats Anouk like a daughter, he sells information, Anouk gave him a bottle of wine as a thank you for a tip on some antiques. Helps Anouk and Madame Dupont try and stakeout auction houses. Finds out who Tristan really and tries to inform Anouk.

Rachel = owns a flower shop, Anouk suspects it is a front for some illegal things as she knows too much about certain things.

Henry = Lilou’s boyfriend, the latest at least, Anouk catches him snooping around her things. Lilou finds out about his secrets and is OK with them.

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