Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

A powerful read on how being vulnerable is one of the most courageous things a person does. This is a bit of a different read than more normal reviews for several reasons. First, I listened to this instead of reading it (I have since ordered the actual book because it had so many pieces I would want to go back and read or review). Second, I read this because a few people in the small office I work in are reading it and were using phrases in reference to this book. Third, I wasn’t sure if I should post something that is not the norm of what is normally posted, but when you read the book you will understand why the decision to post about this book and recommend it was done. 

The research done by Dr. Brown is insightful and so well put together for the reader that it is easy to see how one can be more vulnerable and accepting of others who are daring greatly and being vulnerable. What is also discussed in equal length is shame and how that is used in society to prevent people from daring greatly. The research is there, as are antidotes to help demonstrate how the concept plays out in Dr. Brown’s life or the life of those that are close to her. 

What is special about this book is that it is not a self-help book in if you do this that will happen. It explains the research of why and how shame, guilt, and other societal pressures make people feel scared of showing vulnerability. The quote from Theodore Roosevelt starts this book and is a theme throughout. What also is a theme are small phrases like Marble Jar Friends. The research is presented in a way that can be easily understood and help the reader want to try and incorporate the concepts. 

This is a great read even for those who have courage and display vulnerability, because it helps explain why others struggle to be courageous and display vulnerability. It talks about society, smaller groups, and individuals the strategies and reasons behind them that research has shown. 

I love that Brene Brown narrated this on Audible, and really do recommend it in any format. 

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