Some Like it Lethal

Some Like it Lethal (A Blackbird Sisters Mystery) by Nancy Martin

Armed with her new guard dog, who fits in her purse, Nora Blackbird is handling the IRS, her sisters, and her almost gangster boyfriend all while making the rounds at society events and solving mysteries.

Michael is off in Scotland, or so he claims, while Nora is enjoying a “hunt” fundraiser when her sister, Emma, is found passed out in the stables with blood on her and a murdered man next to her. Nora works to clear her sister’s name while dealing with her crazy sister, Libby, who is channeling an inner goddess and trying to sell toys to all adults she meets.

While crazy friends, and those who claim to be friends, are being blackmailed Nora finds out who she can trust and who is using her.  The best part of this story is the crazy characters who keep popping up in this fantastically indulgent world of the rich and nutty.

Character List/Book Summary:

Nora Blackbird = has a purse dog, Spike, thanks to Reed’s mom, still paying off the IRS and working as a society columnist

Michael = Nora’s boyfriend, in Scotland, being investigated for money laundering, Nora finds a gun on him, calls Nora out on her lies, helps protect Emma when she is the main suspect in a murder.

Emma = found passed out in a stable & covered in blood, husband was a football player, has not been sober in months, escapes the hospital and calls Nora with a cryptic message.

Libby = 5 weeks out of giving birth, accepting her goddess, selling adult toys to anyone she can corner.

Rush Strawcutter = murdered, had to borrow money to start a new business (Laundo-mutt) always trying to save strays, foster child recently found out who his dad was, $10 million life insurance policy, was being blackmailed for an affair

Reed Shakespeare = Nora’s driver, helps her contact Michael and Emma

Hadley Pinkham = gay, good dancer, family famous for photography, broke, claims to help Nora find the blackmailer, runs over Spike on purpose

Tottie Boarman = retired master of the hunt, lost a lot of money, loaned money to Rush, dating Kitty

Gussie Strawcutter = worth a few 100 million, Rush’s wife, he took her name and worked for her family’s business, wants to keep her husband’s affair a secret even after his death

Thomasina Silk = broker her back a few years ago, now breeds horses, helps Emma by telling the police how bad her injury really is

Tim Naftzinger = pediatrician, might have feelings for Emma, his daughter takes lessons from Emma, feels guilty about not helping Nora’s husband with his drug problem

Detective Ben Bloom = thinks Emma killed Rush, Nora realizes he is using her and trying to manipulate her feelings to get information on Michael

Lexie Paine = Nora’s friend, hedge fund manager, helps tell Nora who might be getting blackmailed among their circle

Claudine Paltron = principal dancer of city ballet for the last 10 years, had been blackmailed over an affair with Dougie, buys one of Nora’s grandmother’s dresses

Osgood Palton = Claudine’s husband, inventor of an insect repellent

Mary Jude Yashurick = lead writer for food section of the newspaper

Andy Mooney = Kitty’s personal assistant

Kitty Keough = society writer with a poison pen, insisting Andy must accompany her to events, has white envelopes similar to those that the blackmailer uses, dating Tottie

Stan Rosenstatz = Nora’s boss

Deliah = PR wiz, Claudine is her client

Danny Pescara = Michael’s cousin

Tom Nelson = Nora’s lawyer

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