Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die (Blackbird Sisters Mystery) by Nancy Martin

Nora is sent to cover a bra unveiling, and ends up with Kitty dead on her door.  The strange events that revolve around the FBI investigating a marketing agency, a chauffeur/butler creating a bra, a boy who lost his parents, and Nora’s sisters result in a dead woman on Nora’s doorstep.

With Michael and Nora ready to celebrate the holidays the world gets turned upside down when Nora opens the door to find Kitty dead.  While solving the murder, figuring out how to take a bra off her sister, and protecting a friend’s child Nora manages to keep it all together. The crazy story cannot be told, because any hint would give away the hilarious mishaps that seem to come in every chapter. The important thing to remember is everyone (except Kitty) is safe at the end, but it will still break your heart if you are rooting for Michael and Nora.

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