Dead Girls Don’t Wear Diamonds

Dead Girls Don’t Wear Diamonds (Blackbird Sisters Mystery) by Nancy Martin

Nora is still struggling financially and working for the newspaper and dealing with her fantastically crazy family, when an ex-boyfriends wife is killed and Nora’s detective skills are put to the test. While attending a society dinner for a family friend, and potential next Secretary of Transportation Nora finds herself caught up in no less than two society scandals, an international jewelry theft ring, and a murder mystery.  Nora and Michael had ended things, but as Nora and Michael have feelings for each other they came back together.

Nora’s college sweetheart’s, Flan Cooper, father is being nominated to be the next Secretary of Transportation. At the family’s part celebrating the nomination, Flan’s wife (Laura) catches Nora and Flan talking resulting in a scene and Laura accusing Flan and Nora of having an affair. After Nora leaves, Laura is found murdered in the swimming pool and Flan is the prime suspect. At Flan’s request Nora investigates Laura’s murder to help clear his name, and eventually her name too. Nora finds out about Laura’s tenancy to steal jewelry from guests to the Cooper compound. While helping the FBI and Detective Bloom, Nora ends up being shot at and breaks into the Cooper Compound and is almost killed by Laura’s killer.

In the end Nora’s newest nephew is born and she confides in Michael that she wants a family. I am looking forward to reading about the Blackbird Sisters in the next adventure.


Character List/Book Summary:

Nora Blackbird = fells Oliver’s party is forced attendance for many of the guests, she feels forced to help Flan, is confused about her feelings for Michael, and does not know if she can trust Jack Priestly or Detective Bloom. Prone to fainting and faints after Reed is shot and ends up in the hospital.

Flan Cooper = Nora dated him in college, never grew out of his college boy ways and was not a good husband to Laura. A disappointment to his father and babied by his mother.

Libby = Nora’s pregnant sister, found out that Laura Cooper was pregnant when she died thanks to the staff at her birthing center

Michael = Nora’s boyfriend, Rory Pendergast forgave Michael’s debt in his will, spent the summer with someone other than Nora, tells Nora he has feelings for her. Threatens the doctors to let him see her and Jack for putting Nora’s life in danger.

Rawlins = Nora’s nephew, 16 years old, end up with the puppy Emma tried to give Nora, at Michael’s shop on Columbus Day and helps Nora when she is shot at

Reed = Nora’s driver, going to college, tells Nora that Michael said he cannot teach her to drive until she goes 6 months without fainting, gets shot when Nora goes to see Sydney

Emma = Nora’s sister, tries to give Nora a puppy, lends Nora sexy attire when she is shot at and spends the night at Michael’s

Laura Cooper = Flan’s wife, was changing her appearance to look like Nora, old money from the south, never fit in with high society in Philly. Was pregnant when she died but it is not know who the father was/is. Was a jewelry thief

Oliver Cooper = Flan’s father, millionaire who is cheap with his sons but lets his 2nd wife spend on tacky decorations. Paid people off when Laura stole from them

Doe Slanksy = Oliver’s second wife, keeps immaculate records on parties and other events she hosts, trying to fit in to the society she married into, excited to go to Washington DC, did not like Laura.

Annabelle = Oliver’s 1st wife and mother to his three sons. Tells Nora that Flan was going broke and he and Laura were living off Laura’s trust fund.

Jack Priestly = FBI who is watching over Oliver until his confirmation hearing, knows about Laura’s problem and tells Nora that if it becomes public Oliver would not get confirmed. Asks for Nora’s help in making sure the Cooper clan is cleared.

Yale Bailey = General Money of an Atlantic City casino, had more fiances than most, rumored to be seeing Laura and just sent her roses (his break up signature), red hair, plans on proposing to Lexie Paine

Jamie Scaithe = friend of Flan’s, member of the Red Barron’s Club, dated Nora after Flan

Tempeste Juarez = Oliver’s half sister, looks like Cher, near sighted, animal rights supporter, world traveler, likes jewelry and watching people have sex, keeps her first husband’s ashes with her at all times. Claims to not get along with Sidney Gutnick, however Nora knows she is not being truthful with her.

Marian Jefferson = had her necklace stolen by Laura, but could not prove it

Stan Rosenstatz = Nora’s boss, features editor, tells Nora that after she was pictured with Michael and is a suspect (according to Kitty) for Laura’s murder he needs to put her on leave.

Detective Benjamin Bloom = found Nora’s grandmother’s ring that was stolen from Nora the night of Oliver’s party, asks Nora for help in proving it was murder and that the FBI does not have jurisdiction.

Lexie Paine = financial adviser, asks Nora to let her invest the little money she has, Yale told Nora that he was about to be engaged to Lexie, Lexie tells Nora they have not dated they were seated next each other at one event

Big Frankie = Michael’s father, had a heart attack, will live

Lily Pendergast = After Rory was killed she took over running the Intelligencer




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