Clash of the Demons

The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons by Joseph Delaney

Tom’s Mam has come back, asking him and John Gregory to do what could be the most dangerous thing they do. Joining forces with witches John Gregory, Tom, and Bill Arkwright sail to Greece to stop a powerful demon from rising and hopefully weaken the Fiend. Tom and Alice are reunited on this journey, and each sacrifices something for the other’s safety.  Mam reveals her true self to Tom and makes the ultimate sacrifice to help keep the world safe.  There are shifts in Tom’s reality, while is still learning and making errors this mistakes will ultimately play a role in later books.


Character List/Book Summary:

Tom Ward: 7th son of a 7th son, Spook’s apprentice, 3rd of apprentice, follows his mother’s wishes and works with the Pendle witches in Green, saves Alice’s life by using a gift from Grimalkin

Alice Deane = Fiend’s daughter, witch, healer, warns Tom of danger through a mirror, saves Tom’s life while they are searching for Ordeen, manages to trick the Fiend

“Spook” John Gregory = tells Tom if he goes with his Mam to Greece, the apprenticeship is over, changes his mind after a letter from Mam and goes to Greece and continues Tom’s appenticeship

Ordeen = female deity, worshiped by maenads, typically kills everything around that moves, can pass to and from the human world without human assistance.  Enemy of Mam’s and if she is released she can move beyond Greece and will go after Tom’s family and kill them all.

Grimalkin = assassin, Tom fought with her to defeat Morwena, promised Tom a gift for his birthday. Gives him a blade to keep between Tom’s shoulder blades and a Dark Wish, which Mam is disppointed on how Tom uses it.

Fiend/Devil = cannot kill Tom directly or he would only rule for 100 years, if his children does it or if Tom comes to the dark side and he will rule for eternity.

Mam = Tom’s mother, fighting the dark in Greece, her homeland, visits the farm midsummer. Reveals her true story and self to Tom, who has read about her in John Gregory’s books.

Mab Mouldheel = 15 years old, leader of Mouldheel clan, goes to Greece, powerful scyer, could see the future, tells Tom she foresees Alice die

Agnes Sowerbutts = Alice’s aunt, who Alice lived with in Pendle, healer

Bill Arkwright = Spook int eh North, temporary master of Tom and willing to finish his apprenticeship if John Gregory doesn’t take him back, asks Tom to watch out for his dogs if he doesn’t make it back from fighting Ordeen

Seilenos = knows Mam well, teaches Tom some about Lamia and fire elements, but not much in the short trip, does not believe in fasting when facing the dark and pays the price for that greed




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