An Obvious Fact

An Obvious Fact: A Longmire Mystery by Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson’s greatest gift to the readers is that these stories are stories of world you want to live in and can get wrapped up instead of just reading a book with characters you like. The best thing about Walt Longmire is that he is Walt Longmire no matter what situation he is in.  At a biker rally and faced with a mystery Walt does what he does best and stays true to himself.  Henry is going to try and win the Jackpine Gypsies Hill Climb once again and Walt goes with him at the request of Deputy Dog who needs assistance with an attempted murder.  The characters continue to evolve and minor characters from previous books return  in this story as well.  Keeping reading of the series happy to catch up on old friends and acquaintances.   Readers finally meet The Lola that Henry names his car after and Cady named her baby after the car.  The ending stays true to the sad and mean nature of some, while also staying true the beauty and kindness of most humans.  There are moments of laughter and enjoyable bits of references to previous stories, but new readers don’t have to be caught up to enjoy the happy moments that all the characters have at least once during the story.  Again, the greatest gift the author gives is showing that his characters are human they all have happy and sad moments during the story and evolve because of these moments.  When new stories about Longmire stop, I will be more heartbroken than any other series I read.  I pray these stories will not end anytime soon.


Character List/Book Summary:

Walt Longmire = Sheriff of Absaroka County, helping Deputy Dog in Hulett (one county over) with a case, Lola asks for his help in solving the case of who tried to kill her son and Cady and Henry both warn him not to get involved but he does, when Vic shows up as a surprise and at a dead end in Michael’s murder he agrees to help her look into that too (but that is not in this book)

Victoria “Vic” Moretti = Walt’s undersheriff and girlfriend, surprises Henry and Walt in Sturgis, think the ATF is looking for more than firearms, helps Walt solve the mysteries that he got involved in, and takes up a new shooting hobby, gets to drive around in a rented orange charger for most of the book

Henry Standing Bear = reading Sherlock Holmes and repeatedly quotes the books while in Hulett, won the Jackpine Gypsies Hill Climb years ago and keeps trying to win the climb again, is told by Lola that he is her child’s father but is unsure if that is true, does not buy into Lola’s games in this story

Lola Wojciechowski = slaps Henry the first time she sees him in Hulett, asks Walt to help find the person who hit her son’s motorcycle and sent him into a ditch resulting in the doctors saying he will never wake up, drives a gold Caddy

William Nutter = chief of police in Hulett, Wyoming and has enough going on with the biker rally that he doesn’t have time to babysit Walt, Henry, and Vic as they go about solving who hit B-way and what the ATF is after

Bob Nance = part-time resident of Hulett who wrote the grant that got Hulett an MRAP, underwrote half of the county, invites Walt to a charity shoot after seeing Walt talking to his daughter about B-way’s accident, tries to mess Vic up when she shoots at the competition. Was trying to keep his daughter away from B-way for months.

Corbin “Deputy Dog” Dougherty = called Walt for help with the hit-and-run case, because he knew Walt before and trusted him to help

Broadway “B-way” Torres = involved in a hit-and-run on his motorcycle leaving him in a medically induced coma in the hospital, doctors say he will never wakeup, Lola’s son

Mike Novo = motorcycle expert in Cheyenne, coming in to help Corbin, tells Walt that something heavy was on the back of B-way’s motorcycle when he was hit

Chloe Nance = Bob’s daughter, reported B-way’s accident said she saw him on the side of the road on her way home, was in love with B-way has her arm in a sling, an actress with a drug problem.

Brady Post = enforcement/spokeman for Tre Tre Nomad gang, undercover agent for the ATF for about 13 years, tells Walt and Henry who he really is and that they are after more than just guns, is killed after having sex

“Crazy” Eddy “the Viking” = original Jackpine Gypsies, lives in Lead, fixture at the rally, keeps popping up with one of his buddies

Delshay Torres = Broadway’s father, owned a custom bike shop in Maryvale, member of the Tre Tre Nomads, go between for Dust Devil Development and Bill Tichenor, died in an accident at the border of Mexico about 1 year ago

Bis Easy = member of the Tre Tre Nomads, informant to the ATF

Cady = Walt’s daughter who is settling in to her new job in the attorney general’s office while Walt and Henry are in Hulett, Lena is with her helping her decorate

Lena Moretti = Vic and Michael’s mother. Michael was Cady’s husband and he was killed in the line of duty, but it was a murder/hit, helping Cady get settled into her new place in Wyoming

Irl Engelhardt = sheriff of Rapid City police department, fills Walt in on ThE Kiddo’s past and helps in an indirect fashion with Walt’s investigations

James Gilkey = one of Henry’s friends who is helping Henry prepare for the Jackpine Gypsies Hill Climb this year

Billy ThE Kiddo = had a TV show about custom choppers, but the show got cancelled when he got into too much trouble, owns The Chop Shop, has a room set up almost worshiping the Third Reich, is involved with Nance in a bad business deal, almost dies but Walt & Vic save him

Phil Vesco = along with “Crazy” Eddy keeps trying to steal Henry’s toys, Walt figures out his real identity

Mike McGroder = FBI agent who helps Walt when Post dies

John Stainbrook/Ray Swift = ATF control agent for Post, comes to meet Walt and figure out what was going on with the firearms deal that Post realized was a big deal but not all the details

Alexia Mendez = Cady says she is a nice lady who watches Lola (Cady’s daughter)


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