The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

One of my favorite authors, has started a great trilogy here.  Carter and Sadie Kane are thrust into being Godlings and having Egyptian Gods inhabit their body as they race across the world to save their father and the planet.  With the release of Egyptian Gods and chaos into the world the Kane siblings are the best chance to stop the world from being destroyed.  Sadie and Carter must make amends with other and figure out how to work together and learn to fight.  A great list of characters and Gods weave a tale of humor and adventure.  Rick Riordan creates a world you wish exists, one where Gods and mortals exist in the same area in modern day, and only a lucky few can be a part of it.

Character List/Book Summary:

Carter Kane = 14 year old, lives out of a suitcase, named after Howard Carter (discovered Tut’s tomb), Blood of the Pharaoh is inside of him.

Sadie Kane = 2 years younger than Carter, his sister, grew up with her grandparents in London, knows the future (sometimes), Blood of the Pharaoh is inside of her.

Dr. Julius Kane = archaeologist, Egypt his specialty, allowed to see Sadie 2 days a year, doesn’t want Carter to look in his work-bag, releases 5 Egyptian Gods, ends up in the Duat

Set (Got of Evil, Chaos, Desert & Storms) = Child of Nut, attempts to destroy his siblings, inhabits someone close to Carter and Sadie, called the Red Lord

Fausts = Carter and Sadie’s grandparents (mother’s side), live near Canary wharf

Amos = Julius’s brother, was outside Sadie’s house when Carter and Julius came to visit, was in the museum when the explosion happened.

Per Ankh = a grou shadowing Julius, House of  Life

Imtotep = high priest, designed the first pyramid

Dr. Martin = Curator at the British Museum, Sadie and Carter lock him in his office when their father visits the museum

Muffin = Sadie’s cat, a gift from her father before he left her with her grandparents, needs special permission to enter Amos’s mansion

Thoth (God of Knowledge) = invented writing, only God in the House of Life, lives in Memphis

Khufu = baboon, at Nome Regional Headquarters 21, wears a Lakers jersey, helps Sadie and Carter along the way

Philip of Macedonia = an albino alligator that protects Amos’s mansion

Osiris (Lord of the Dead) = Son of Nut, Julius tried to summon him in London

Shabti = wax figurine, Doughboy to some, helps magicians in this life and the dead in the afterlife

Apophis = giant snake monster, embodiment of chaos, Bast was fighting him for entirety, Sadie & Carter’s mom saw she was weakening and attempted to release her.

Nut (Goddess of the Sky) = mother, created Deomon Days (5 days she was from Khons so she could have children).

Geb (Earth God) = married Nut, separated from Nut for 5,000 years, Sadie brings him a message from Nut

Ra (King of Gods, Sun God) = forbid Nut from giving birth on any day or night of the year, because one of her children would replace him as King

Khons (Moon God) = lost some of his moonlight to Nut, made 5 days she added to the end of the year

Horus (the Great God) = Child of Nut, inhabits Carter

Isis = Child of Nut, inhabits Sadie

Nephthus = Child of Nut, Set’s wife, is hidden away in a sleeping host

Bast (Goddess of Cats) = protects Sadie and Carter, considers them her kittens at one point, good with daggers, good with combat magic, has a green aura when she is fighting, can heal

Serget (Goddess of Scorpions) = sides with Set and chaos

Zia Rashid = a scribe in the House of Life, Carter has a crush on her, helps Carter and Sadie, even when the House of Life tries to hunt those two down

Chief Lector Iskandar = serve and protect pharaohs, banned humans from hosting Gods, because he thought that is what brought down Egypt and that Gods can literally end up burning up their human host

Hatshepsut = greatest female pharaoh

Desjardins = French, doesn’t like Zia, wants Carter and Sadie killed because he thinks they are a threat to the House of Life, does not believe Set has risen, was at the museum when the explosion happened

Shu (God of the Wind)

Leory/Set’s Animal = is on the scent of Carter and Sadie and tries to hunt them down, Carter is able to distract him for a while

Face of Horror = a demon working for Set

Sekhmet  (Lion Goddess) = was too violent, Chief Lector can summon her

Bloodstain Blade = Captain of Egyptian Queen, can be summoned by Carter and Sadie’s parents

Shezmu = bloody lion man in the land of the dead, Osiris’s royal executioner

Anubis (God fo Funerals) = jackal, Son of Set, watches the Hall of Judgement, Sadie has a crush on him

Sobek (God of Crocodiles, Lord of Water) = only understands strength


OF NOTE: A Nome is basically provinces in the world, here are the ones mentioned in this book (as it may be needed in book 2 and/or book 3)

1st Nome = Egypt

14th Nome = Paris (Desjardin’s Headquarter)

21st Nome = New York

360th Nome = Antarctica

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