The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable FIB

The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable FIB (now called The Unbelievable FIB 1: The Trickster’s Tale) by Adam Shaughnessy

A charming tale that those both young in age and young at heart can enjoy.  Children are the ones who can see magic, because they think it is possible so they are the ones best designed to fight it.  An entertaining story, with a strong female lead and a smart best friend that make a great pair.  Now that the author has created a sequel the book has been renamed, but I have had it in my pile to read for so long that I have the original title (and I think the better cover).

Character List/Book Summary:

Prudence Potts (aka Pru) = opened the envelope that appeared in her room, 11 years old, has red hair, father was a detective, gets in trouble regularly

Mrs. Edleman = Pru’s 6th grade teachers, wants her to stop investigating

Old Man Grimnir = lives in Winterhaven House (the oldest house in Middleton), missing one eye

Anne Potts = Pru’s mother, did not put the envelope in Pru’s room, wants to keep Pru safe

ABE (Aloysius Bartholmew Evans) = new student in Pru’s class, becomes her partner in crime, half-unwittingly, smart, honest, assigned to do a project with Pru

Mister Fox = meets Pru in Winterhaven and in the woods, son to Babo Yaga, is starting to loose his ability to see and fight magic, is a detective of sorts, shows Pru and ABE all sorts of possibilities

Fay Loningtime = teaches Pru & ABE about a name game, involved with their community service project, Pru senses an odd mother-like figure in her

Hilde = bring Pru and ABE to Mr. Grimnir and lets them know what has happened to her at the Viking fair

Mimir = guardian of the Well of Wisdom

Ratatosk = messenger, insulting squirrel, once Pru talks to him he agrees to help Pru find ABE

Roger Lyons = Pru’s dad’s best friend, police officer

Sergeant Mahoney = bushy mustache, police officer that guards the cells

Thor = not allowed to interfere with matters on Earth, being punished by Odin for disobeying him


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