20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

I read this and realized why this is such a classic, and wondered how many ocean explorers were influenced by this tale.  The possibilities of what is under the ocean were on full display in this tale.  The lack of character depth was what made the tale such a great read, you could picture and imagine the characters’ motives and reasons however you want (and not be wrong).  I think Nemo thought Aronnax could be his heir and Ned as a Pest, but another reader could see something different and neither of us would be wrong based on the writing.  Would you be willing to get aboard the Nautilus knowing you would never be able to leave it?  Would it be a prison or a comfort?  Could this even happen in modern day?  The desire to explore the unknown is what made this tale possible, in our quest to do just that have we explored so much that the Nautilus could not hide in the open ocean?  The details of the possible creatures and sights to find at the bottom of the ocean make this a must read for anyone interested in ocean exploration.  While many creatures and sights may not be true the imagery the author provides make you want them to be true.

Character List/Book Summary:

Pierre Aronnax = narrator, Professor in the Museum of Paris, asked to join the Abraham Lincoln’s expedition to hunt the mysterious creatures, 40 years old, speaks French, English & Latin, enjoys his time aboard the Nautilus, a scientist

Conseil = Aronnax’s servant, Flemish boy who accompanied Aronnax in all his travels, quiet by nature, 30 years old, follows Aronnax when he fell overboard from the Abraham Lincoln

Commander Farragut = in charge of the Abraham Lincoln, a US Navy ship

Ned Land = Canadian, prince of harpooners, about 40 years old, did not think the mysterious creature existed, lands on mysterious creature when he goes overboard form the Abraham Lincoln, speaks English and French

Commander Nemo = Commander of the Nautilus, rid himself of society, unsure what to do with Arronax, Conseil, and Ned (allows them the liberty of the ship as long they obey him without question), he demands passive obedience of all those aboard the Nautilus, Captain, engineer, and builder, independently wealthy to build what he has

Second in Command = told Aronnax “Nautron respoc lorni virch” when would be on the platform

Mobilis in Mobili = moving amidst mobility, the saying Arronax sees aboard


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