Clockwork Prince

Clockwork Prince (book 3 of The Infernal Devices) by Cassandra Clare

Character List:  The list adds new information and new characters from Clockwork Angel‘s list, and is listed as new information was learned or characters mentioned.

Will = while not all shadowhunters can hear ghosts, he can

Old Molly = a ghost at Cross Bones Graveyard, looking for her wedding ring

Consul = Head of the Clave (Wayland) aka Chief Officer of the Clave

Inquisitor Whitelaw = questions witnesses on behalf of the Clave

Gideon Lightwood = Benedict Lightwood’s older son, who recently returned from Spain.  He along with younger brother Gabriel are assigned to train Sophie and Tessa

Cyril = Thomas’s brother and replacement at the London Institute

Granville Fairchild = Charlotte’s dead father, helped arrange Charlotte’s marriage to Henry, and requested that she run the London Institute.  Made some questionable decisions regarding the Lightwood family and Starweather family.

Thammuz = minor demon from the 8th dimension

Bridget Daly = London Institute’s new cook, replaced Agatha

John Thaddeus & Anne Evelyn Shade = Mortmain’s parents, possible J.T.S. from the watch mentioned in Clockwork Angel

Aloysius Starkweather = Shadowhunter who refused Mortmain’s recompense, head of the York Institute (not New York, but York in England).  Going senile, something tragic happened to his granddaughter but not fully explained.  Has not been to Clave meetings in years, but Wayland will not remove him instead hoped excluding him would make him retire.

Gottshall = serves Starweather at the York Institute

Cecily = Will’s younger sister

Archer = Camille’s human subjugate, Magnus’s temporary footman

Ella = Will’s older sister

Ragnor Fell = Worlock, High Warlock of London, hired by Charlotte to look in on the welfare of Will’s family (green with horns)

Edmun Herondale = Will’s father

Magnus Bane = cat’s eyes are his warlock’s mark, has long connections to Woolsey Scott and other immortals

Woolsey Scott = werewolf pack leader

Tatiana Lightwood = Gabriel & Gideon’s sister, previously had a crush on Will

Benedict Lightwood = secret alliances with the demon world & issues with his health create problems for him


Book Review/Summary:

Picking up shortly after Clockwork Angel has ended, Charlotte has to worry about if the London Institute will stay in her control, and her young charges: Jem, Will, Tessa, Sophie, and Jessie.  Given only two weeks to find Mortmain Charlotte, Henry and crew are pushed to find him or Benedict Lightwood will take over running the London Institute.  The time table is set and new characters become fixtures at the London Institute.  Gabriel and Gideon are assigned to train Sophie and Tessa.  Emotions range all over the place with Gabriel and Gideon being in the Institute.  Family alliances are tested and love develops in surprising places.

Will asked for Magnus’s help to remove a curse he has had since he was twelve years old.  Will and Magnus form an unusual friendship that provides humor and light in the darkness that this book holds.  While many of the relationships shaped and changed in this novel are enjoyable there is a sad undertone to the book, one that makes the reader worry for the fate of all that they came to love and care about in Clockwork Angel.  Not unusual for this author and the type of fiction, it was noted that there seemed to be more danger, more hurt, and sadness in this book.

Sophie is an entertaining character, who really comes into her own in this book.  She and Tessa become friends and you see the bonds of friendship tested, and the lines of servant and friend merge and cross so many times you often forget that Sophie works for the London Institute until the author points out she is doing something like serving dinner or helping Tessa dress.  Tessa is still confused about her feelings for Jem, but Sophie has surprising wisdom on that matter.  Tessa is surprised to see where her relationships go, but in a happy manner, and Sophie might get one of her greatest wishes that was not known to readers until the end of the book.

Jem and Will are a great bond, and their relationship hits a low point twice in this book.  Once for each of them, but at different times.  Will is reckless and Jem is hurt so much that Tessa has to point out to Will how badly he hurt Jem.  Will is heartbroken at the end of the novel and Jem who is his usual comfort and solace might not be this time, but in the end it appears as if the two will be fine.  Will has a shocking realization and in the end you can’t help but wonder what he will be like in Clockwork Princess, because the curse is not there.

Henry and Charlotte have a heartwarming scene with each other that exposes their true feelings towards one another.  This leaves their relationship changed forever going forward, and in my mind at least it is a good change.  Henry finally builds a device that works, but no better idea on the automatons that Mortmain is making and how the work.  Charlotte shows that a woman can lead and make alliances with Downworlders that are beneficial to the Clave and the Downworlders.  Henry and Charlotte

Jessie is determined to marry a non-Shadowhunter and makes questionable decisions and alliances.  In the end she betrays those that love her.  Jessie’s selfishness is not surprising but her single-mindedness has cost her what she wanted most.  Her ultimate fate is not decided in this book, and if she is mentioned in the next book it will probably be minor.

Overall, this book was a great read and if you like any of Cassandra Clare’s work you will love this series.  I do think it would be wise to start with Clockwork Angel so you understand books 2 and 3.  I can’t wait to start reading Clockwork Princess, if only things like work did not get in the way, why can’t someone pay me to read books?

Recommended Reading:

Infernal Devices – entire series

Mortal Instruments – entire series

Lady Midnight – book one of Dark Artifices

The Bane Chronicles – for lovers of Magnus Bane

The Shadowhunter’s Codex – mentioned several times in this series and in Mortal Instuments

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