Shadow Spell

Shadow Spell (Book 2 of The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy) by Nora Roberts

As soon as finishing Dark Witch (book 1) picking up Shadow Spell was almost immediate, the reason it was not immediate was that sleeping was required. Connor, Branna, Iona, Meara, Boyle, and Fin are back to finish what they started, to kill Cabhan and rid the world of his evil. Connor had a dream and talked to Eamon and brought back a charmed stone from their talk. The six realize that Cabhan while weaker is still out there and starting to test the six to see who is the weak link. Catching Connor on his own, Cabhan attacks Connor but Connor and his hawk fight back. Arriving at Fin’s for a guy’s night Connor collapses and Fin saves him while Branna, Meara, and Iona fly over to Fin’s and save Connor. Meara realizes that she has feelings for Connor and while her family is driving her crazy and she doesn’t believe in love, Meara and Connor realizes they love each other. The six prepare for battle one more time with Cabhan thinking they understand what they might have missed before. After the battle Connor proposes to Meara. This means that hopefully Fin and Branna will get together in the last book and the six of them will finally rid the world of the evil that is Cabhan. Again the only reason to pause in starting the third book in the trilogy was the requirement to sleep and work to pay for all the books.

Character List/Book Summary:

Connor O’Dwyer – connected to Eamon and they share dreams. Gives advice to Meara about what she can do with her mom and her mom wanting Meara to move back home. Fought Cabhan in his dream with Eamon. Likes the kiss he gets from Meara after he almost died and his patience with waiting for her to realize she loves him pays off for both of them. Cabhan thinks he is the weak link and prevents Connor from calling out to his sister or Fin, but his hawk is there to help save the day.

Branna O’Dwyer  – plays music to calm her down and help Iona and Connor sleep. Realizes that the music and joy the six of them have upsets Cabhan and makes him want to attack the group. Asks Meara why she stopped kissing Connor if she wanted to kiss him more. Works with Fin to create a potion and plan to try and attack Cabhan again.

Meara Quinn – Realizes that she does not want Connor dead. In the dream with Connor she draws blood from Cabhan with her sword. After Connor told her he loves her, Meara got upset and took of the protection charm and was caught by Cabhan, Connor saved her and brought her back. Frustrated by her mother and listens to Connor’s idea about her mom going to stay with her sister Maureen for a while to see if staying there is better idea than Meara moving back in with her mother.

Iona – gets the team to agree to meet weekly, realizes no one wanders alone after Cabhan keeps going after Connor and stalking Meara while she is on guided walks with guests. Realizes that Connor loves Meara before he does and asks Branna if Connor realizes it yet, agrees with Branna that it will be fun to watch the two of them realize their feelings for each other.

Boyle – not happy that Connor locked him and Meara out when Cabhan appeared on the hood of the car. Is in love with Iona.

Fin – tried to find Cabhan because they are blood, but was not able to. Called out to Branna about Connor being hurt while taking his pain and holding off the injury. Assures Meara that her mother’s cottage does not need to be rented while she is testing out leaving with Meara’s sister. Offers Iona and Boyle land behind his house to build their own home so after they are married they can start a family.

Eamon – in 1268 he is 10 years old and has his grandfather’s sword. Talks to Connor in dreams, gave him a magiked stone fought with Connor against Cabhan and they hurt him in their dreams. Is suspicious of Fin but trusts him because of Connor, thinks Meara is the gypsy that told Eamon he would see Connor again.

Brannaugh – at 12 her cousin Ailish wants her to marry Fial and hide the Dark Witch inside her. Brannaugh and he siblings decided it is time to move and start their own life and embrace who they are.

Teagan – helps heal Meara when she was hurt by Cabhan in a dream, asked Connor to plant a bluebell on her mother’s grave.


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