Blood Magik

Blood Magick (O’Dwyer Trilogy) by Nora Roberts

With the last of the trilogy readers knew it would be Fin and Branna that confessed their love for each other and gave into their love. What was not anticipated was how Fin took to Bugs the stable dog who ended up living with Fin after a night when Fin took him inside and shortly after Bugs was attacked by Cabhan. Fin makes Connor a partner in the falconry school, and tells his best friend that after they defeat Cabhan he will leave again. Connor bets Fin $100 that he will be staying here and having a happily ever after with his sister, Branna. Readers will know right away who will collect that money, but it is the journey that keeps the reader glued to the pages. Branna and Fin admit that they love each other, always have and always will but the mark of Cabhan is what kept them from having a future. Branna realizes that while they may not have children and the exact life they dreamed of as young children she does not want Fin to leave again. Fin confesses that he has been all over the world trying to lift the mark of a Sorcha, but nothing has worked. Being pulled into a dream together, despite being in separate houses, Fin and Branna learn where Cabhan is hiding in his time, and that he sacrificed his mother and father to accept a demon into him. With more knowledge and an idea on how to bring the original three and balance their 2nd group of three into the last fight with Cabhan, the stage is set for one last battle. The reader might feel disappointed we do not get to hear about the adventures this group gets into after weddings and children, it would be hard to picture these 6 just having boring lives, this chapter of their lives ends on a happy note.

Character List/Book Summary:

Branna – knows she will love Fin her entire life but they can’t have the future they once dreamed of as young children. Stabs Cabhan and tries to take his amulet when he taunts her outside her garden. Spends New Years with Fin and let him take her to Paris for a date. Asks Fin to promise her the rest of their lives together and if he wont stay she will travel the world with him. Figures out the perfect time and place to attack Cabhan. In saving Bugs after Cabhan attacks she realizes how Fin cares so much about others and he chooses light each time.

Connor – bets Fin 100 he will stay after this is all over, wants Meara to get a falcon of her own once they are married. Agrees to be a distraction with Meara to help Fin try and learn the demons name.

Iona – tells Fin and Branna they are silly for loving each other but not being together with each other. Tells Fin he is having a New Years party at his house and helps him decorate as he is clueless on what to do.

Fin – makes Connor a partner in the falconry school does not plan to stay after they defeat Cabhan. Starts keeping Bugs (stable dog) in the house giving him a horse, falcon, and dog. When Cabhan tries to attack him alone Fin summons the others and Cabhan attacks Bugs instead of Fin. Agrees to go into Cabhan’s cave to see if he can learn the demon’s name is brought back from the dark pull by Branna voice. Sorcha tells him that he is a descendant of her husband’s youngest sister and Cabhan, and that there is more light in him than dark.

Meara – marrying Connor in the summer, and helping plan Iona’s wedding is helping her figure out what she wants. Distracts Cabhan with Connor being singing and bringing Cabhan out of the cave. Agrees to the gift from the four to balance the circle.

Boyle – marrying Iona in the Spring. Agrees to take the gift from the four. Realizes the strategy Fin and Branna came up with needs to be tweaked a little to help draw Cabhan in but let him think they wont anticipate him so it is more of trap. The way Boyle recommends is make it look to Cabhan that they are going to pay respect to Sorcha and ask for a blessing and hide their true intentions from him.

Brannaugh – Sorcha’s oldest daughter and is pregnant in 1276 when the original three (Brannaugh and her two siblings) can join the six to battle Cabhan.

Teagon – pregnant with her fist in 1276, explains to Fin that Sorcha did not mark Cabhan she did when she first fought him. Heals Fin in more ways than one after the battle with Cabhan.

Cabhan – sacrificed his mother and father and accepted a demon as part of him for his powers. Started to confuse Branna with Sorcha.


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