The Sign of the Sinister Sorcerer

The Sign of the Sinister Sorcerer by John Bellairs and Brad Strickland

The last of the Lewis Barnavelt books, which is sad because this series has ended, but it went out with a bang. School has ended for the summer and Uncle Jonathan puts on a magic show for Lewis and his classmates to celebrate. The magic show gets people in town talking about the fireworks. Lewis’s new friend Hal thinks that magic is real and wants to learn magic. Lewis learns about the Rule of Three and thinks the baseball hitting his head, tripping down the stairs, and loosing his allowance is all because of this. Jonathan and Mrs. Zimmermann looking into some of the strange things happening with Lewis and the house. Jonathan goes missing and Lewis and Mrs. Zimmerman along with Rosa Rita help figure out what happened. In the end another evil sorcerer is defeated and there is a grand celebration.

Character List/Book Summary:

Lewis – got hit by a foul baseball, then hurt his ankle, and lost his Uncle Jonathan. Remembers seeing yellow right before being hit by the baseball. Invited Hal, the new kid at the school, to his end of year celebration and became friendly with him over the summer. Sees a man in a maroon robe at the celebration and in the magic mirror and goes to tell his uncle about it.

Rosa Rita – ran to get the doctor when Lewis got knocked out and realizes Hal disappeared but saw the maroon robed man. Helps Lewis search for Uncle Jonathan’s missing wand. Realizes that Mrs. Zimmerman’s discovery is an anagram and who is responsible.

Jonathan – no one in town knows what his business is, they think he owns a firework store. Mentions to Lewis that his teacher had been a member of the Golden Circle, tells Lewis not to worry about the maroon robed man. Goes missing after he goes on a trip to try and find out about Dr. Marville.

Mrs. Zimmermann – powerful witch, gave Lewis information about the Rule of Three. Cannot sense Jonathan when he is missing and creates a cover story for Lewis to tell people while they search for him.

Hal Everit – new kid at school. Wants to learn magic because he thinks it is real. Lewis noticed he talks strangely. Never tells anyone his phone number or address, but happens to show up when Lewis and Rosa Rita are thinking of going searching for him.

Dr. Mundale Marville – Jonathan’s math professor at college, who also taught him magic. Told Adolfus that he would not be a licensed sorcerer because he could not control his temper.

Adolfus Schlectesherz – a German who came to the US to learn how to be a better farmer. Was the third member of the group that Dr. Marville had and worked with Jonathan on a senior project (enchanting an object). Jonathan does not know what happened to him. Mrs. Zimmermann finds out his name means evil heart.


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