The Inheritance Games

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Avery Grambs inherits the entire estate of Tobias Hawthorne, for what seems like no reason. The Hawthorne family resents Avery and Avery is pushed into a game between the 4 grandsons who are trying to solve a riddle their grandfather gave them. The oldest grandson, Nash, feels as if Avery is a tool for the game and wants no part of the game. Nash has a unique view of the Hawthorne House and the people inside of it, including Avery and her older half-sister Libby. Nash feels like he is caretaker to all who live inside the house. Grayson, the heir apparent, is 19 years old and recovering from a heartbreak only a year ago. He goes and gets Avery after Libby ignores letters from the law firm trying to reach Avery, because she thinks it is a scam. Grayson is unsure of Avery at first, but after finding out who is responsible for the shots fired at Avery he decides to protect her. Jameson is dealing with the guilt of what happened to Emily a year ago, and is hooked on the game his grandfather left behind until he thinks it is punishment. Xander, the youngest grandson, is kind to Avery and is cryptic in his messages to her, but tells her that his grandfather told him his job in the game is to make sure that Grayson and Jameson continue the game and keep drawing them in. Xander is promised a game of his own when their game ends. Xander’s game is revealed at the end and hopefully is what book 2 will be about, and if Avery really was chosen over that brief encounter or was it because of who she played chess with in the park.

Character List –

Avery Grambs – her mom died when she was 15 years old. Moves out of Libby’s apartment when Drake moves back in. Unsure why Tobias left her everything so long as she lives at Hawthorne House for one year and if not it goes to charity not his family.

Tobias Hawthorne – a billionaire, picked his grandson’s middle names, disinherited his family 20 years ago but never told them.

Grayson Davenport Hawthorne – meets Avery at school to bring her to Texas for the reading of his grandfather’s will. 19 years old. Tells Avery that the thing between them cannot happen.

Jameson Winchester Hawthorne – younger than Grayson, haunted by what happened with Emily, gives Avery the keys and brags to Grayson how quickly she solved it. Wants to play the game his grandfather left with Avery.

Harry – a homeless man in the park that Avery would play chess with in the morning and treat him to breakfast

Libby – Avery’s half-sister, 7 years older than Avery. Took Avery in when Avery’s mother died.

Drake – Libby’s boyfriend, he hit Libby when she left to join Avery in Texas, continues texting Libby. Surprised who was behind him sneaking onto the estate.

Max Liu – Avery’s best friend.

Alisa Ortega – the lawyer that is handling Tobias’s estate and working with Avery on becoming the appropriate billionaire heiress.

Nash Westbrook Hawthorne – oldest grandson, doesn’t want the money or to play the game his grandfather left. Acts like a caretaker to many in the home, including Libby.

Alexander Backwood Hawthorne – youngest of the grandson, an inventor, tells Avery about his grandfather and some of the family traditions. Is cryptic in the messages he delivers to Avery, his game is set up at the end of this book and set up book 2 (hopefully)

Zara – Tobias’s daughter, married to Constantine. Has heavy debt, which will be paid off at the time of the reading of the will but then was cut off. Runs the Hawthorne Foundation and forces Grayson to teach Avery about the foundation and what the purpose is.

Toby – Tobias’s son, who disappeared 20 years ago. His sisters think he is dead.

Oren – Tobias’s head of security, the letter Oren got at the reading of the will asked Oren to protect Avery.

Skye – Tobias’s daughter, had 4 sons. Her father picked their middle names.

Thea Calligaris – her uncle is Constantine. Xander warns Avery that she could be a spy. Stays with her aunt and uncle at Hawthorne House when her parents go away. Enjoys hurting Jameson and Grayson over what happened to Emily.

Rebecca Laughlin – her grandparents work at Hawthorne House and she lives with them, her sister was Emily. Tries to warn Avery about something, but it never came out.


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