The Tower at the End of the World

The Tower at the End of the World by John Bellairs and Brad Strickland

Rosa Rita is thrilled she will get to spend part of the summer with her grandfather at the Great Lakes, and gets to bring Lewis, Uncle Jonathan, and Mrs. Zimmermann. While at the lake the five of them stumble upon an island that is not on a map and has a strange feeling to it. Lewis receives a letter that he cannot understand and Mrs. Zimmermann realizes that it might be a curse, and tries to keep that information from Lewis and protect him from the letter by making him keep it on him. Once back home, the four friends realize that the Izards had a son who is still alive and trying to make another doomsday clock. While they first attempt to divide and conquer, Uncle Jonathan going back to search for the island and Mrs. Zimmermann and Lewis staying and getting information from magicians around the world eventually the foursome end up together to defeat the doomsday clock one more time.

Character List/Book Summary:

Lewis- 13 years old, worried about being alone if Jonathan dies after he was attacked in their house. Asks Mrs. Zimmermann not to tell Johnathan about his strange letter, because he doesn’t want his uncle worrying. Remembers that Mrs. Zimmermann explained that if the curse is returned to who gave it to him the curse would destroy itself and the one who cursed Lewis. Realizes that Ishmael Izard’s clock is a sun dial.

Rosa Rita – sees a monster outside after they return from the Lake. Agrees to help fight the magic and finds a way to get back to her grandfather to keep an eye out on Jonathan. Is worried about Mrs. Zimmermann and makes Lewis promise not to leave her alone.

Jonathan – knocked out when he thought he heard Lewis in the basement. Goes back to the Great Lakes to explore and try and find the island again.

Mrs. Zimmermann – contacts her friends in Europe who tell her about Ishmael Izard, or someone claiming to be him, and starting small groups of evil wizards around the world. Figures out that what Lewis’s strange letter really means and finds a workaround to keep him safe.

Ishmael Izard – son of the Izards, trying to channel evil magic from around the world to start another doomsday clock on a magical island in the Great Lakes.

Marta Krebsmeyer – tells Rosa Rita about strange clouds that look like clocks while playing baseball with Rosa Rita at the Great Lakes.

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