One Italian Summer

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

Katy’s mother, Carol, has died and not Katy is unsure what to do with her life because Carol was always there telling her what to do. Katy leaves her husband, Eric, behind to go on the mother daughter trip to Italy that Katy and Carol planned before Carol died. Katy ends up in Italy in the hotel her mother always told her about and finds her mother, aged 30, there and Katy gets to know a different side of the woman that becomes her mother. While at the hotel Katy meets Adam who shows her Italy and with whom she kisses and who encourages her to ask what does Katy want? Katy has a transformation of realizing that she has not asked herself what do I want, because her mother always knew and now she is figuring out what she wants. The twist is more than just Katy revealing herself to Carol and the time warp, however that twist is what makes the ending harder to like the characters you spent the entire book liking and admiring. No person is perfect, but the flaws that showed up completely changed the characters and with so little of the book, it was hard to have closure or understanding. The last plot twists felt rushed and did not align with the characters up to the point. The book was enjoyable, however it was not a must read just a maybe this could be a good vacation read.

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