The Singles Table

The Singles Table by Sara Desai

The author has a very cute set up for Zara and Jay who are almost complete opposites (but have more in common than they realize including relationship issues). Zara and Jay have chemistry, but maybe not the most romantic, for each other at first. Like all good rom-coms or Hallmark movies it is not if these two end up together, it is the journey of how they end up together that is what the book is all about. Zara offers her match making skills to Jay, who just made his mother a promise that he would try and find a person. Zara in exchange wants the access to Jay’s clients to try and help the law firm she is working for. Over the course of several interviews, crazy family events, and friends’ weddings the two realize they have feelings for each other, but they also have issues being in a relationship. After both almost sabotage the relationship they realize how right they are for each other.

Character List/Book Summary:

Zara Patel = lawyer, tries to avoid her mother who finds her a disappointment, tries to see the best in all situations, worried her firm wont keep her on after one year especially when she learns the law firm is not making a ton of money. Has matched several of her friends and family up which has always resulted in a happy relationship and marriage. Offers to help Jay find someone, only to realize she gets jealous when other women flirt with him.

Jay Dayal – owns a security company he started with a VA buddy after he got out of the service. Very concerned about his image and what investors and employees think of him. Agrees to let Zara get to know him better to try and help her set him up. Realizes that he likes protecting Zara and being there for her.

Parvati Chogra = Zara’s roommate, a doctor. Gives Zara and Jay special treatment when Zara brings Jay in because she was afraid he had a concussion. Ends up liking one of Zara’s co-workers.

Elias = Jay’s business partner, has a crush on Brittany.

Kamal Chandra = graphic designer that Parvati thinks has a crush on Zara. Lets Zara capture the flag and shoots Jay, in return for a drink and a dance at the wedding.

Farozl Jala = private investigator at the law firm Zara works at, claims he worked for the CIA. Ends up enjoying Parvati’s companionship.

Tony Cruz = co-founder of the law firm that Zara works for, was top in his class at law school. Liked the paintings that Zara’s father displayed at the art opening (Zara invited him so that people would be at his opening).

Lucia = interviewed Zara as a favor to Zara’s mother, and ended up offering her a job, but Zara declined because she knew it would not work out. Jay’s lawyer who is handling the lawsuits that the investors are concerned about as Jay and Elias try and take their company international.

Thomas = banker Jay and Elias meet with to try and get funding to go global, brings his daughter Brittany along. Sees Jay at a Mexican restaurant with Zara and comments about how it looks with him dancing while in the middle of negotiations.

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