The Soulmate Equation

The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Can DNA predict who your soulmate is? The creative genius of Christina Lauren attempt to answer this in an adorably cute romance story between Jess and River. A struggling single mom and workaholic scientist are matched with an almost impossibly high percentage that their DNA says they will be soulmates on a cellular level. Of course they do fall for each other, but the joy for the reader is going on that bumpy journey with these two loveable if clueless, dorky, and at times both being jerks to each other. Found as a recommendation at an independent bookstore this recommendation might have lead to a new author to read more of. Delayed posting of this review, because this would be an awesome Valentines read for those who want a little more romance in their life (or to rekindle the feeling of new love). A happy read that can be powered through in a few session or one day if you are determined (hardcover is 355 pages). This would make a great Hallmark movie, and it is my Valentine wish that it is turned into one.

Character List/Book Summary:

Jessica “Jess” Davis = does freelance statistics for work, is a single mom, best friend Fizzy, encourages her to get out and date. Enjoys the area she lives because it is a tight community. Agrees to spend time with River after a client drops her and she realizes the money would help Juno.

Juno = Jess’s daughter, 7 years old, wants a pet snake, needs help with an art science project.

Dr. River Pena = one of the founders of GeneticAlly, does not have a friendly personality, was very surprised that Jess and he matched, but curious to see what happens. Realizes that he wants to be the one Jess turns to when her grandmother is in the hospital and she needs help with Juno and her grandparents.

Felicity “Fizzy” Chen = Jess’s best friend, author of romance novels. Encourages Jess to do the DNADuo and to spend time with River so that they can see if it real. She dates for fun, but by the end of the book is looking only at higher level matches.

Ronald “Pops” Davis = Jess’s grandfather, raised her, loves to do crossword puzzles.

Joanne “NaNa” Davis = Jess’s grandmother, raised her, fell while bowling and broke her hip.

Jamie Davis = Jess’s mother, left her at 6, drug addict, alcoholic, Jess makes sure that she is nothing like her.

Alec = Jess’s ex and Juno’s father, signed away his rights before Juno was even born.

Lisa Addams = head of customer relations and eager about the match between Jess and River

David Morris = CEO of GeneticAlly, asks Jess to consider getting to know River. He did something that hurt River when it comes out and forces him off the board and out of the company.

Brandon Butkis = head of marketing, offer Jess money to spend time with River and go to public appearances with him. His betrayal was a shock to River.


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