Bringing Down the Duke

Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore

With the background of Women’s Suffrage Annabelle Archer, is selected to attend Oxford Woman’s college and in doing so a series of events changes her life. In trying to promote her cause she makes friends, finds love, and makes the reader laugh along the way. The reader is introduced to a series of unique characters who become Annabelle’s friends and family. Lady Lucie Tedbury, Harriet Greenfield, Lady Catriona Campbell, and others become a force to watch as they go about their adventures. An accidental meeting with the Duke of Montgomery, Sebastian Devereux, changes the course of Annabelle’s life. Growing up the daughter of a country pastor with a brother who now controller her future, Annabelle never dreamed of falling in love with Sebastian or that he would fall in love with her too. Annabelle knows her place in the world and refuses to be a mistress, resulting in tension and denying of feelings. The reader will be torn between both frustration for these two and laughing at all the fumbles along the way to a happy ending. The writer does such a good job creating cast of characters engages the reader in such a manner that the reader looks forward to reading future books.

Character list/Book Summary:

Annabelle Archer – accepted at Oxford’s woman’s college, 25 years old, has to pay her brother to let her attend college, in addition to her studies and helping the suffrage movement she has to tutor other students to be able to attend college. Gets sick while visiting Claremot, starts helping Peregrin while she is recovering, after her arrest tells Sebastian how she really feels about him. Declines Sebastian’s first proposal so that he would not have another scandal to recover from .

Duke of Montgomery, Sebastian Devereux – divorced his wife after 1 year and kept her dowry after she ran away with a lover, is the most influential man in Parliament. Scolds his protection officer for pushing Annabelle, as a woman should not be pushed. Desires to get his family’s castle back, which his father lost in a card game. Ordered by the Queen to get her Prime Minister re-elected and host a festive New Year’s Party. Refuses to let Annabelle leave after she gets sick in his estate. Starts to desire and love Annabelle, tells her he will always come back to her. Proposes after he falls off a horse.

Lady Lucie Tedbury – Woman Suffrage member who tells Annabelle about the scholarship offer. Takes Annabelle in after she is arrested, and her brother refuses to let her come home and she is kicked out of Oxford.  Somewhat of the ring leader.

Harriet Greenfield – daughter of Britain’s most powerful banking tycoon, goes to Oxford and supports the Woman Suffrage movement.

Ramsey – Sebastian’s servant, gives Sebastian’s gift to Annabelle, alerts Sebastian to Peregrin’s disappearance. Helps Sebastian fix things.

Professor Jenkins – helped Annabelle get into Oxford, hired her for the expedition, invites her to a concert. Proposes to Annabelle to help her stay in Oxford and have a comfortable life.

Lady Catriona Campbell – assistant to her father who is a professor and Scottish Earl. Helps hide Peregrin, has a crush on him.

Peregrin – Sebastian’s younger brother, failing Oxford and not paying his bills, 19 years old, agrees to let Annabelle, Hattie, and Catriona come to a house party, in exchange for a key to the wine cellar. Does not want to be a Duke or follow in his brother’s footsteps, runs away instead of joining the Navy. Ends up helping Professor Jenkins on the expedition.

Lady Lingham – has an arrangement with Sebastian, informs Annabelle’s brother of her activities thus preventing her from being able to return home.

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