Dividend Investing

Dividend Investing: How to Build Your Passive Income and Financial Freedom Through the Stock Market. A Guide to Dividend Stocks and an Early Retirement. By James Johnson

The basic nature of this book is appealing to someone who is trying to understand why dividend stocks are considered passive income. Granted the author seems to assume people have several thousand dollars just ready to invest in the stock market for his formulas, which would seem unlikely for someone buying this book. However, after explaining the formulas for figuring out how much stock is needed to create passive income, the author then goes on to explain the long range plan of investing early and reinvesting for years, decades, will allow you to then start having a passive income. This book really is a basic here is what you need to look at and what you need to know to figure out the stocks to buy if you want passive income in the future. The book is not going to tell you what stocks to buy, but what to look for and at when you buy dividend stocks. Of course, no sound financial advice is complete without the diversify the portfolio therefore the book covers a few other options than just stocks of individual companies like ETFs and REITs.

Overall, a good here are the bare bones basics of what anyone who is thinking of investing should review and think about.

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